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Now that the dust has settled from Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) we take a look at what the keynote speech announcements mean for us Final Cut Pro X editors. The new macOS might prove to be very interesting.

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Can you have too much real estate when it comes to editing on Final Cut Pro X? What is the best screen layout for working in an edit suite with FCPX? You might be surprised at the outcome.


Subtitling isn't one of the most glamorous sides of post production, but is has to be done. These inexpensive tools should make the task easier and cheaper.

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You can't have failed to notice that Wes Plate from Automatic Duck has just released Xsend Motion. Ronny Courtens has taken it for a thorough test drive for FCP.co. What transfers and what doesn't when you send media from Final Cut Pro X to Motion? (and back!)