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FCPX shines in handling 62TB of RED Epic Dragon 4K RAW footage, 10TB of BMCC ProRes footage, 1,2TB of external audio clips and over 34.000 exported files for a groundbreaking 3D augmented reality project. Ronny Courtens looks at The Forever Project, which ended up being post produced on Final Cut Pro X.

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Want to change the perception of Final Cut Pro X amongst the broadcast and video production industries? Well you can help by doing something very simple.

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With the big increase in people posting on social media, it is inevitable that editors are going to have to reproduce posts and pages on screen. The new XEffects Social Media plugins for Final Cut Pro X make this task a lot easier.


Nobody is really surprised anymore to hear that yet another feature film has been edited on Final Cut Pro 10. But when Lance Bachelder posted a message saying he had used Final Cut on his latest production, he got my attention. Why? Because I knew that, although Lance has always had an open mind towards the new Final Cut Pro, he did not want to use it for his professional work. Until now...