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fcpx tour AMS 2016 banner

Day two and three of IBC were spent at Spaces, close to the RAI. We were there for the FCPX Tour event. If you didn't go, you missed one of the most important FCPX events to happen this year.

boris gen arts IBC2016

At one point, Sapphire plugins from GenArts were the expensive, but 'must have' set of tools for high end editing and compositing suites. The company has just been acquired by Boris FX, so we rushed over to the booth at IBC Hall 7 to talk to the man himself Boris Yamnitsky.

fcpx music video edit banner

We love Final Cut Pro X user stories here on FCP.co, especially when they feature a specific workflow. In this article, Brian King runs through his process and techniques for editing a music video on FCPX.

McC VR-01-Jaunt-page

Every month new VR videos appear that push the boundaries of what this medium can do. This is the story of how editor Duncan Shepherd put Final Cut Pro X at the heart of ‘Pure McCartney VR,’ a series of five innovative Paul McCartney VR video films made by Jaunt.