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FCPX Tour Videos day4 banner

Time for two more videos from the recent FCPX Tour at IBC. Two completely different presentations, one a large 72TB 3D project and the other from a FCPX veteran!

ipsy FCPX banner

What NLE does YouTuber Michelle Phan use to edit her videos on for the successful YouTube channel Ipsy? Final Cut Pro X of course! Her beauty and fashion company has put together a collection of short FCPX tutorials to help other YouTubers & social media posters. Be warned- old-time editors who don't want to learn, this is your wake up call!

dawn ofDay fcpx banner

If there is one quality you can use to single Final Cut Pro X out from the rest of the NLEs out there, it's the program's ease of great visual storytelling. Rusty Earl details how he used FCPX to construct the historical documentary 'Dawn of Day."

FCPX Tour Videos day3 banner

Time for the third set of videos we are publishing from the FCPX Tour@IBC 2016. Supermeet keynote speaker Duncan Shepherd talks 360 & Paul McCartney and Alex Gollner takes 360 video underwater!