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A thread appeared on our forum over the weekend on the possibility of taking iMovie projects off an iPad or iPhone and into FCPX. It's possible and we post the steps you'll need to take.

We now have a very healthy Forum on FCP.co, lots of questions and lots of answers. One of the questions posted over the weekend was "How could I import an iPad iMovie project into FCPX?

FCP.co member James Thomas, the poster of the question answered it himself later by working out the workflow. We thought we would share his steps here on the frontpage as we are sure this question is going to get asked a lot in the future.


"Wow! Worked 100%! However, the help file in iMovie is not up to date."

First send project to iTunes.

1. From the iPad iMovie opening screen, press the share arrowed button. Then select iTunes.From here, the project selected will be exported to a file on the iPad to later sync to iTunes.


Import a project from iTunes.

2. Connect the iPad, then, go to the App header on the right-top. Go to the App window, and select iMovie in the app list below file sharing.

3. Click Add, and in the window that opens, file the file you want to add.

4. Select this file.

5. Now open iMovie and go to the File >Import>iMovie for iOS Project... Now, import to iMovie

6. From the iMovie tap go to Share >Export Movie. Select size to export. Then, export.

7. Exit iMovie ... Open FCPX.



8. Go to File> Import> iMovie Project.. import.

Check transitions and you're done!

Many thanks to James for sharing this with us, the workflow should be the same for the iPhone as well.

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