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You might have seen this pop up a couple of days ago, we eagerly clicked a link in an email from Steve Martin to find the article unavailable. It's now back up, so if you really need that 3 way color corrector back in your FCPX life, read on.

Server issues at Ripple unfortunately put the article offline. We sympathise as we are a victim of our own success too, we have had to upgrade our hosting facilities twice this year to cope with the traffic.

Steve has built a Motion template for FCPX that gives the user similar functionality to the old FCP7 three way colour corrector. A note from us here, we always find the standard white colour picker a bit of a shock when working FCPX/Motion5. If you don't want the white edged wheel, control clicking brings up a new darker themed picker.

There is also a white and black level clipper built in to the effect.


So should you need to get some retro style colour correction going in FCPX, head over to the Ripple Training website.

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