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We couldn't make BVE at ExCel London this year, a shame as Soho Editors had a lecture area that put on presentations that mainly concentrated on Final Cut Pro X. So luckily for us they have just published recordings of the sessions.  Rory from Soho Editors, Thomas Grove Carter, a couple of Alexes and Pierre from Softron all take to the stage.


First up is Rory Cantwell from Soho Editors who talks about the workflow and the FCPX ecosystem.


Thomas Grove Carter told the audience how he cuts high-end commercials on Final Cut Pro X


Next up is long-time FCP.co friend Alex Snelling who looks at third part tools with an emphasis on adding graphics to tracked objects.


Alex No2 this time and the subject is 360 editing for Virtual Reality. A white shirted Mr Gollner looks at VR editing using the Dashwood 360 toolbox.


Finally of interest for us is Pierre Chevalier from Softron who runs through the different software solutions on a Mac that his company produces. Don't forget that we had a sneak peak of MIReplay before BVE.