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With Apple announcing improvements in broadcast monitoring with the 10.0.4 update, the three main hardware manufacturers have announced software updates too.

We knew it wouldn't take long, in fact Blackmagic let the cat out of the bag slightly early by letting slip that that their new update supported 10.0.4.

Just before we list the updates, it has been noted by Oliver Peters and others that 10.0.4 has caused some problems with inversion of plugins such as Magic Bullet and GenArts Sapphire Edge. Also some users who have installed the driver updates have said it makes a huge difference, some say the output is still sluggish.


MATROX announced MXO2/Mojito MAX 3.0.1 via a·press release.

“Matrox MXO2 I/O devices are unique on the market in giving FCP X editors the only solutions that connect to any Apple platform via Thunderbolt™, PCIe, or ExpressCard®/34 — with the same versatile unit,” said Wayne Andrews, product manager at Matrox. “And now, our customers can easily view their projects on professional monitors and have confidence that their final output meets broadcast specifications.”

And a forum post:

This release provides professional monitoring capabilities while editing with Apple Final Cut Pro X and encoding video in Apple Compressor using the Matrox MAX H.264 codec. Important: This software is provided as is. We recommend that you back up your system before installing new software and we do not recommend that you update your MXO2/Mojito MAX software if you are in the middle of a project. Please report all of your findings (positive or negative) to the corresponding section of the MXO2 user forum. Your feedback is important.·

The drivers available here, will only work and install in conjunction with Apple FCP X 10.0.4 software. No other version of Apple FCP X will work with these drivers. If you do not have Apple FCP X 10.0.4, then you do not need to download and install these drivers.

We recommend all FCP X users upgrade to FCP X 10.0.4 before installing the Matrox Utilities 3.0.1 driver version.·
Limitations and important information:·

·- This release does not support a Matrox CompressHD card installed on the same system as your MXO2 product.
- In the Playback pane of FCP X, set Playback Quality to High Quality. However, if you experience dropped frames in your video output, select Better Performance.
- Switching (ALT+TABBING) between applications that use the MXO2 hardware is not supported with this release. Therefore, if you're working in Final Cut Pro X, you must close it before opening Compressor.
- The predefined High-Quality Matrox MAX H.264 settings, and hardware scaling are not supported in this release. When creating a custom setting, ensure that the Hardware scaling option is disabled before encoding your video.
Download links to the drivers can be found on the Matrox forum post.


AJA announced their 10.3 drivers, slightly confusing name structure but the product specific drivers can be found on their support page.

They have also produced an excellent 'Working with Final Cut Pro X and AJA' support document that goes into a lot of detail about broadcast monitoring setup in FCPX.


Blackmagic Design are still showing Desktop video 9.2 for FCPX on the front of their website even though you will find version 9.2.1 in the downloads section. (Here is the Intensity page)

You can download the Desktop Video Manual and although it still references 10.0.3 it has got a lot of setup information that is still very releant.

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