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Color Grading Central have today launched a $69 effect plugin for FCPX that gives a film look to your DSLR footage

Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central is no stranger to getting the best look for your footage within FCPX. He is the author of the best set of grading tutorials for FCPX that we have seen so far. Now he has released cineLook a $69 plugin effect that imitates the characteristics and look of film. He's also qualifying the product by saying he'll offer a full refund to anybody if they are not impressed with the results!

Key Features

  • Easily imitate the color and look of film
  • Add S curve similar to Technicolor LUT for CineStyle
  • Basic noise reduction
  • Add 2.35:1 Letterboxing
  • Add film effects like grain and dust
  • Add customizable vignette

"With the cineLookâ„¢ plugin you can easily imitate the color and clean look of film including the gentle roll off of highlights, a key characteristic of film. Where video tends to clip the highlights harshly, film has gentle shoulder or rolloff. With the cineLookâ„¢ applied highlights have a gentle roll off and some detail is recovered.
Add S curve similar to Technicolor LUT for CineStyle

If you’re working with material shot with the Cinestyle picture style, there is a separate plugin where you can add an S curve that closely imitates the LUT developed by Technicolor."

So if you want to make footage from your Canon or other DSLR look more filmic, checkout cineLook from Color Grading Central.

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