Why is it that my video editor can track faces and add 3D objects to computer generated cars zooming by in 8k, but when it comes to finding and placing a sound, I may as well use the phone book? Here's a quick and flexible solution.

The Need

As an editor, I constantly need sounds for my cuts. The right sound creates the feeling of the project, informs my decisions as an editor and makes my clients happy. As they say, sound is half of what you see.

The Problem

To find the right cue, I have to stop editing, search through complex libraries or royalty-free websites and yes… sometimes YouTube. I then listen to sounds without watching my cut, download and import the sounds into my project, place them, and finally listen to the sounds in context for the first time. More often than not, some of the sounds don’t work and I need to do this process all over again.

Finding Sounds 




Added to that insane process is the difficulty of placing repetitive sounds like footsteps. To deal with this, not only do I have to suffer through the process described above, but I then need to cut up a stem into individual footsteps and manually place each one - and - if I later find they aren’t the right footsteps, I need to start from scratch.

FCP Placing Sword Hits


Audio Design Desk is built to make sound for video fast and easy. Want a transition? Press T on your keyboard and listen back. Want to try a different sound? There are thousands of options at your fingertips. Press Command+R to replace your transition with an alternate without losing sync. Yes, you instantly get another sound placed in the timeline in perfect sync. Don’t like a group of sounds? The entire timeline? Make your selection and hit replace! It’s that easy. Sound effects and music tracks are just as simple to conjure with a keystroke.

ADD comes with over 40,000 royalty-free sounds, loops and music cues so you don’t have to worry about licensing complexities. We also make it easy to work with your own sounds, music libraries, 3rd party libraries, etc. So you can bring everything in your sonic arsenal together into one intelligent program, finally giving you the opportunity to realize the full potential of everything you’ve amassed in your career.

ADD AB Cleared 


Right in FCP

But the coolest thing that we’ve developed is an extension for Final Cut Pro that puts all of this INSIDE of your video editor. We call it the ADD Audio Bridge and it provides a deep integration between the most powerful video editor in the world and the most innovative solution for finding and placing sound for film.

For the week, it’s in public Beta and we’re hoping to get your thoughts. The extension is included in Audio Design Desk, which you can download and try for free if you don’t already have it. Here’s a look at the extension in action inside of Final Cut Pro.




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vinzi's Avatar
vinzi replied the topic: #120704 22 May 2022 21:23
Hello Gabe, thanks a lot for your report !
I've tested the demo and I find this workflow wonderful and easy ! I'm very interested in buying the pro version 599$, but... It's a big spent, so I wonder if the development of this software with FCPX will last over time, because if the development stops, this workflow is dead and I will be poor :) I wonder if this company is solid, what do you think about that ? Thanks a lot !
owen35's Avatar
owen35 replied the topic: #120725 24 May 2022 13:02
Got a chance to give it a spin--wow, it is really impressive and makes sound editing SO much faster. I do a lot of explainer videos and the hunt for pops, whooshes, etc., takes forever. This will streamline that process immensely.

What I cannot find out is if I cancel my subscription, what happens to the project files? Are they no longer available if I need to go back to the project? There doesn't appear to be an answer for that.

Still, this solves one of my greatest frustrations with FCP.