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It's not very glamorous, but backing up and archiving is essential to not only make sure you can return to a project at a later date, but also to free up space and move media to another drive. The new ARC-X app for FCPX does exactly that with a host of other features to make getting a project back from an archive easy.

Yes, FCPX does have a consolidation feature, but it is a one hit operation that monopolises a machine. It can also be tricky to configure to get the right Library settings before moving media.

ARC-X is a new archiving utility from Edit-Tools that has a host of features designed by an editor that help to backup, archive and then restore FCPX projects and media with a few clicks.

Priced at $75, and available now on the Mac App Store,  ARC-X looks like it will take the headache out of restoring an old project, especially as it takes the untrimmed media, images, used fonts and Effects/Transitions.Generators/Titles -  even if they are third-party Motion templates.

 Take a look at the long list of features, we especially like the spreadsheet reporting which is always handy when you need to track down a rogue file.

  •  Dark Mode compatible
  •  3 ways to interface ARC-X with FCPX
  •  Drag an FCPX project directly into ARC-X to start archiving
  •  All filters, effects, generators, transitions, and font information retained by ARC-X during the archiving process
  •  When restored to FCPX, your events and projects look exactly as they did before archiving
  •  Clips and sources are restored to their original lengths
  •  No shortening of clips with added “handles”
  •  Control exactly the media sources you want to archive
  •  ARC-X is fast and works well with other apps
  •  Runs in the background so you can keep editing
  •  ARC-X saves your font files along with its archived source media
  •  Your project’s titles restore exactly as they were created
  •  All plugin information is retained
  •  Detailed progress information is displayed so that you know exactly where you are in the archiving process
  •  Archives all FCPX-compatible video formats
  •  Archives all FCPX-compatible image files
  •  Archives all FCPX-compatible audio formats
  •  An archive can be stopped at any time
  •  ARC-X intelligently monitors storage space and lets you know before a storage device fills up
  •  When a storage device reaches capacity, ARC-X prompts you to connect another one so the archive can continue
  •  ARC-X creates a detailed inventory of the media in your project
  •  An Excel compatible spreadsheet lists all fonts used in your projects
  •  Lists all 3rd-party plugins used in your projects
  •  Lists all media files used in your projects
  •  Lists the original source path of all media files
  •  Lists the path of each archived media file
  •  Easily see where an original media source came from and where it was archived to

Although the app takes the media whole, it would be good if there was an option to trim media with handles. Possibly the developers might also consider tackling the tricky subject of flattening multi cams as well when archiving.

However, another great app that joins the ever-expanding FCPX ecosystem. If the app does restore everything with a few clicks, then we can see this paying for itself pretty quickly just based on time saved.


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