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The team behind the visual programming environment Vuo recently announced the capability to turn Vuo compositions into plugins for FCPX. Beta 2 is out and has new features for plugin builders. (With special promo price)

Back in January of this year, we ran the story below that Vuo was getting the ability to build plugins for Final Cut Pro X and Motion.

The team behind Vuo have announced that the Beta for Vuo 2.0 is now available,

Worth checking out as the update includes nodes such as Find Faces (think blurring or censoring) and Make Image from Webpage - possibly a fast way to get a live webpage in FCPX?

There is also a special offer when buying Vuo in the Beta 2 phase-

We also wanted to remind you that if your readers want a good deal, then buying Vuo Pro now at $149 will save them $150, since the price will go up to $299 when the final version of 2.0 is released. (We aren’t going to charge an upgrade fee for people who have the current version.)



The majority of plugins on the market for Final Cut Pro X have been built with Motion. It's a quick and easy way to build effects and it works well, but it does have limitations.

The alternatives are to code yourself an FxPlug or use another technology like Quartz Composer which is still on Apple's life support machine.

Now there is another alternative, Vuo.

Vuo is a visual programming tool using patches and 'noodles' to construct a composition that will process video. It has been used widely for live shows such as creating visual backgrounds for DJs.

Those compositions will be able to be published directly for use within FCPX. You can build effects, generators and transitions.

If you have been used to node based compositing using QC, Shake or Fusion for example, then you will probably already be familiar with the concept of how it works.

So how do you go about building a plugin for FCPX with Vuo? The team kindly sent us a link to their recently published tutorial.

So who is this for? If you want to knock-up a quick text title, then it is not the best tool.

However, if you want to do some custom visual processing, use large media or build a plugin that contains complex calculations, shape generation and/or iteration of items, then Vuo will do all of that.

You will need Vuo 2 to build plugins and that hasn't been released yet. Also the pricing structure of Vuo is changing. Vuo Pro (needed for the plugins) is going up from $149 to $299.

Looking at the list of features and nodes included with Vuo Pro, there are some exciting possibilities to build new plugins for FCPX. So well worth checking out.


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