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At WWDC today in San Jose, we got the first glimpse of the new Mac Pro. We now know what it looks like, how powerful it is, how to connect to it and how it can be upgraded.

There was a big sense of expectation at the Keynote speech this morning at Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference in San Jose. 

There were big rumours about iOS and the end of iTunes, but for us, we had come to see the new Mac Pro.

We were not disappointed, let's take a first look at the new machine. We have to attend a briefing about the Mac shortly, but we thought it would be good to get these pictures online ASAP.

new mac pro fcpdotco 01

Please take a look at FCP.co's Twitter stream from the Keynote presentation.

So the pictures and rumours were incorrect, we didn't see one image of the new Mac Pro before it was announced at WWDC this morning. 

Let's also just stop one big argument right here. If you think the machine is too expensive, then it's the wrong machine for you. Simple as that. It will kill the 'Apple has abandoned the Pro market' arguments, dead. This is a very pro machine.

Mac Pro features powerful Xeon processors up to 28 cores, with 64 PCI Express lanes for tremendous performance and massive bandwidth.

Let's also kill that thermal question before somebody gets on their soapbox.

It  provides over 300W of power along with a state-of-the-art thermal architecture to allow the processor to run fully unconstrained all the time.

Simply, there is no other machine on the market that will play back 3 streams of 8K ProRes RAW. The Mac Pro does however need an extra 'Afterburner' card to perform this. Interesting to note that the benchmark tests were made with a pre-release version of FCPX.

Is this the return of the cheese grater? Maybe, but instead of having a door that opens at the side, the whole case slides off to reveal the 'modules' This is what Apple meant by modular, being able to configure and change modules within the casing.

The Mac Pro has been designed with three things in mind - performance, expansion and configurability. No mention at the moment if you can buy extra add-on modules, but the machine and the display will be available in the Fall (Or Autumn to us Brits)

Below you can see the subframe and a few people looking at the modules you can add with the help of AR. In real life the modules get configured into the subframe and then the case goes over the top.

new mac pro subframe

First impressions? Size wise it looks a touch smaller than the original cheese grater. There are controls on the top and connections at the rear.  

new mac pro fcpdotco 02

There's a power button, two Thunderbolt ports (great for plugging in a drive that would sit on the top) and the handle to lift the case off the subframe.

new mac pro fcpdotco 03

At there back, more Thunderbolts, USB connectors for keyboards (Very happy they are still on the machine) and a lot of slots for expansion. You can also see a card at the bottom that has four more Thunderbolts and a HDMI, we think!

Also good to see two 10GigE connectors built-in as standard. The machine can also be supplied with casters and a purpose built rack mount machine will also be available. Good news for the OB industry.

Price for the new Mac Pro starts at $5,999 although we expect there to be many more configurations available.

Apple also announced a new monitor, the Pro Display XDR. We have seen these screens playing back 8K RAW and they look gorgeous. Of course no photo on a webpage will ever do justice to the quality and dynamic range.

new mac pro fcpdotco 06

Even the scopes look great on the displays.

new mac pro fcpdotco 07

The back's not too ugly either!

new mac pro fcpdotco 08

The display will run at 1,000 nits of full-screen brightness and 1,600 nits of peak brightness. The Pro Display XDR starts at $4,999. The Pro Stand is $999 and the VESA Mount Adapter is $199.

If you were wondering what the ProRes RAW footage was shot on, a new 8K camera from Canon was also on display.

new mac pro fcpdotco 04 

The ProRes RAW was being recorded by an Atomos. Feature film producers please take note of this workflow!

new mac pro fcpdotco 05

After our briefing, we will be back with more and more detail about the Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR. 

It's been a pretty amazing day so far!


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