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Not an update to the Pro Apps, but great news from six third-party companies who have announced that their products will support ProRes RAW. A year on, the video format is gaining traction!

It was year ago that Apple surprised everybody with the announcement of ProRes RAW at NAB 2018. At the start, third-party support was limited to two manufactures, Atomos who make the standalone camera recording units and DJI, the leading drone manufacturer.

365 days later and that number now stands at 8 and will no doubt not stop there either. We know ProRes RAW is coming to Adobe Premiere (Due to the gaff on their website) and this will be published before we attend Blackmagic's press conference for the launch of the (ahem) 'revolutionary' Resolve 16.

Just as a benchmark, at the year end 2018, ProRes codecs had an 80% share of the camera recording market.

But back to what we do know, so let's run through he six.


SCRATCH provides all the tools and streamlined workflows for DITs and post-production artists, from dailies through the entire post-production process including, conforming, color grading, special effects, compositing, finishing and mastering. 

Jeff Edson, CEO at Assimilate, explained, “Apple’s ProRes RAW announcement is significant for a number of reasons. The ProRes codec is the most widely used compression format for acquisition, editing, and delivery, worldwide, because it simplifies the camera to delivery process. At the same time, numerous RAW camera formats are available today, which work well for in-depth analyzing of data for their specific product line. Currently all camera manufacturers write their own SDKs for their proprietary RAW formats.

There is potential for ProRes RAW to become a ubiquitous camera format, which means camera manufacturers would no longer need to develop the variety of SDKs, resulting in significant cost savings, lowering the barrier to entry, and streamlining the camera workflow. This would also be advantageous to all DITs and post artists who would benefit by streamlining their workflows by working with a ubiquitous file format rather than the large variety that exists today, thus saving time, money, and enabling faster time to market.”

“It’s a priority for Assimilate to provide timely support for the latest camera and file formats to ensure our SCRATCH user base has access to all the latest digital media content, so we are very pleased to be among the first to support ProRes RAW,” added Edson.


The Academy, Emmy and HPA Award-winning developer of high-performance, on-set dailies and transcoding systems for motion pictures, broadcast, OTT and commercials.


Baselight and Daylight, the industry-leading professional color grading systems are transforming film and video post-production and setting new standards for quality, reliability and performance.

“Our philosophy has always been to provide the tools that our users need,” said Wolfgang Lempp, CEO at FilmLight. “Apple ProRes RAW is a powerful, very high quality, standardised way of handling raw camera outputs that is ideal for high- dynamic-range (HDR) content creation, and controlling the colour from set to post is extremely important to production and post pipelines. We naturally wanted to provide native support as soon as possible.”

This is of interest as their colour grading tools are a direct competitor to Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve. You can find demos on SL4105 from Monday.

MTI Film

The CORTEX software family of products provide high quality, powerful and secure workflow solutions which offer comprehensive solutions for dailies processing, media management, deliverables and more for on-set and post-production. 

Randy Reck, MTI’s Director of Development, said, “We believe the industry is ready to adopt ProRes RAW as a standard for acquisition, naturally building on the success of the ProRes codec family”. CEO Larry Chernoff exclaims, “We are very proud of our integration of outstanding technologies like ProRes RAW, and we are excited to be able to continue the development”.


Switch, a multi-format video player and encoder with advanced tools to inspect and correct files. 

Grass Valley

“Edit Anything, Fast”, EDIUS is an outstanding real-time editor for professional filmmaking. Grass Valley is announcing ProRes RAW and ProRes support in EDIUS 9.4 with a planned release date of May 2019.


No doubt we will hear a lot more about ProRes RAW at the show.


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