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Somebody said that the news on the run-up to NAB was quiet. Not any more, two announcements today and the second is an upgrade for users of Frame.io.

Frame.io today has announced ten new features to their online review and media sharing service. Frame.io has reacted to user's requests and added anew reel player presentation format, @mentions, and support for multi-page PDFs for example.

“Nearly four years agoFrame.iocame to market with a vision to change the way filmmakers collaborate. We've rolled out hundreds of updates along the way, but today, we’re excited to release 10 features that we've been dying to ship since day one,” comments Emery Wells, co-founder and CEO of Frame.io. “We launched an all-new reel player presentation format, unlocked private comments, and enhanced our version management feature. We also seriously expanded the type of media we support—you can now collaborate on PDFs just like on video, so your entire video workflow can live in Frame.io.”

Ten features is a lot to list in an article, luckily we have Patrick Southern who has made a very handy video demoing the new stuff.


New Features

Multi-page PDFs
Frame.io users can now collaborate on scripts and storyboards just like on video. Now, entire video projects from the initial brief to the final deliverable, can live in Frame.io. Berklee College of Music has been using this new feature to improve how they collaborate:

Enhanced version management
Frame.io users now have more control over how they manage versions. Reorder or remove versions, all in one simple place.

Private comments
For teams who routinely create a separate review link for internal teams to gather feedback they don’t want clients to see. Internal team conversations can be separated from client conversations, all within the same project.

Users can tag anyone on a project to quickly grab their attention when it’s needed most. Anytime someone is @mentioned, they’ll receive a notification for streamlined communication.

Reel player
Drop all assets into a filmstrip format for easy viewing, complete with built-in autoplay. Fox Sports Marketing adopted the reel player presentation format and they’ve already seen success:

Archival storage (beta)
User can now free up more account storage by archiving projects. Original files will be archived but low-res preview files stay online and searchable so users never have to wonder which backups are where. Comment, compare, share—all the Frame.io magic still applies to archived projects. Originals can be restored within a few hours.

Updated review pages (beta)
Frame.io review pages just got a major overhaul. They now include a much simpler interface that makes it easier for clients to leave feedback—no login required.

Redesigned iPhone app
Frame.io’s Apple Design Award-winning iOS app just got a design update. On-the-go users can now enjoy a cleaner and all-around improved app interface.

Short links
No more long and clunky URLs to send to your clients and collaborators. New share URL's will use a f.io shortlink, making sharing them significantly more friendly.

Account switching
For those users with multiple accounts, Frame.io now offers an ultra simple way to navigate between them on Frame.io.


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