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We got the news that the former FCPX product manager Steve Bayes had retired from Apple a few months ago. It has just been announced that he's now advising the storage company LumaForge. It has also been announced that you can now buy a LumaForge Jellyfish directly from Apple.

Steve Bayes has had a long career in the NLE world. He was the designer for Avid Media Composer and Symphony, the first certified instructor for Avid, wrote the Avid Handbook and was the Director of Product Marketing for Media 100.

But he his best known for his time at Apple, he joined in 2006, becoming the Senior Product Manager for Final Cut Pro. 

He also wrote the original product requirements of FCPX and was involved down to the final web page copy and sales demos. He was also Product Manager of ProRes and introduced ProRes RAW.

Safe to say, he knows his stuff when it comes to editing video on a computer! You will probably recognise Steve from Apple presentations, or you might have had contact with him from trade shows and demos. 

Steve has now officially moved on, made a significant financial investment in LumaForge and will join its newly formed Board of Advisors. 

“We are extremely excited and validated to have Steve, such a highly revered video editing pioneer, invest in LumaForge and start our Board of Advisors,” said Josh Minney, CEO of LumaForge. “Steve would easily be first on our list for a LumaForge ‘Dream Team’ of advisors and we look forward to his many contributions to our success.”

“LumaForge has built the best storage product in the marketplace for editors who need to work in a collaborative environment,” said Bayes. “Their commitment to the professional community and laser focus on delivering solutions was key in my decision to become an investor and advisor. I expect great things to come from LumaForge and hope to be closely involved in helping to make them even more successful."

We wish him every success in his new position and look forward to meeting him again without the restrictions from previous employers :)

Also announced today is the availability of LumaForge's Jellyfish servers directly from Apple. Although they are yet to appear on the Apple store, you will be buy directly from the store and have the unit delivered.

As LumaForge have made the connection of the Jellyfish very easy with the assists app, it only takes a few minutes to get a 10GigE shared storage editing network up and running.



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