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*** Updated 23rd February with news of a fix from Matrox ***

We do let our editor out every now and then on paying freelance jobs, he does need to see daylight once a month! This weekend he was working for the BBC and came across an output level mismatch with the Matrox MXO2 and Final Cut Pro.

We got an email today direct from Matrox explaining that this audio bug will be fixed in a driver update on the 15th of March. The control panel will offer a choice of output levels. We love our MXO2 here so this is good news and thank you to Matrox for the speedy fix!

What is the first thing our boss does on an outside broadcast? Get a cup of tea. OK, second thing? Lineup. Bars and tone go down on the timeline at -18dB and that should correspond nicely with 4 on a PPM meter. Not this weekend though. 

The meters actually read 5 which in UK sound level terms indicates a mismatch of +4dB between the FCP and PPM meters. This means that to get accurate broadcast levels before a file transfer (this time to an EVS) the output fader has to be set back 4dB to monitor/edit and then reset to 0. A pain especially when an edit is under time pressure.

It just happened that on that job, two suites were working side by side and the second suite also was using an MXO2 for capture & monitoring. They also had the same level mismatch. Are we right in saying that there seems to be no level adjustment in the MXO2 control panel?

Could this be a disparity between the US & UK audio levels? Surely somebody has spotted this earlier. We do love the MXO2 here and this little problem unfortunately removes the normal seamless operation expected.

We have sent an email to the MXO2 product manager so hopefully we will get a reply and we'll keep you informed of any news on the matter.

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