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march three new plugins

The new plugins keep on coming even though we are starting to enter NAB press release land, which tends to fill up our inbox to the top. A couple of interesting new plugins and a big speed bump to an old favourite.

Let us start of with that update. Lose ten years in one minute. That is the marketing line from Jim Tearney with Beauty Box, the skin smoothing plugin that has just been updated to version 4. Since 2009 this cross platform plugin has become the leader in removing skin blemishes that HD and now 4K show with all their millions of pixels.

The new version has had a speed bump and will provide almost realtime smoothing in Final Cut Pro X. 



"The only complaint we’ve had with Beauty Box has been the speed.” Said Jim Tierney, Chief Executive Anarchist of Digital Anarchy. "By using Nvidia’s CUDA and OpenCL we’re excited to announce that users will be able to achieve real time rendering. Making Beauty Box not only the best digital makeup plugin, but the fastest.”

The plugin normally costs $199 USD, but is on sale for $149 USD until April 30th, 2015. Existing Users can upgrade to one host application for $59.

Jim has published this demo of Beauty Box 4.0 in action running within Final Cut Pro X. You'll also be able to see the plugin at NAB on booth# SL6005.



A new plugin from the FxFactory stable is Hawaii Keyer. this $49 plugin is billed as giving better results than the built-in keyers in such applications as Motion and Final Cut pro X. 

  • Create great-looking mattes and make easy work of fine, wispy hair detail and tricky motion blur. Hawaiki Keyer offers a powerful set of matte extraction tools and includes optional built-in core and outer mattes to overcome even the toughest keying obstacles.
  • Experience exceptional control over spill suppression to tame even the toughest contamination, and choose either the standard Despill operation or the user-customisable Unspill option.
  • Edge Control in Hawaiki Keyer offers unique, powerful and versatile tools for truly exceptional results.
  • Choose from a wide variety of custom views, including a powerful Analysis mode, to help you get the best out of your keys.
  • Use the extensive built-in color correction to fine tune your composite, and add lightwrap for great-looking final results.

The short and long demos do look good, it gives impressive results. Don't forget there is a free trial so you can compare the keys for yourself.



Finally a simple pack of transitions from MotionVFX called mTransition Simple Pack! This $39 pack of transitions for FCPX has 50 different 'simple' animations to choose from.



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