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In the first of what we can see of a few plugin manufacturer 'consolidations', long-time plugin developer Boris FX has acquired the makers of the popular Mocha planar tracker, Imagineer Systems Ltd.

With the plugin market rapidly expanding and then plateauing off, it was inevitable that developers & publishers started to eye up other company's technology to expand their business.

Boston based Boris FX has signed an agreement with the UK based developer of Mocha, Imagineer Systems Ltd. If you are not familiar with Mocha, it's a tracking system that analysis camera moves based on the sum of tracking many pixels across time. Popular with VFX houses, it has a long list of Hollywood film credits such as Gone Girl and Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 to name a couple of very recent ones.

This strategic acquisition will allow us to offer the most comprehensive and advanced set of visual effects tools and solutions on the market today, serving everyone from the independent filmmaker to the professional video editor working with effects to the feature film VFX artist,” explains Boris Yamnitsky, founder and CEO, Boris FX.“Imagineer Systems has the best-of-breed motion tracking, masking and rig removal technology. The company’s engineering and product design expertise perfectly complement Boris FX’s own highly regarded team of visual effects software developers and industry specialists. Both Boris Continuum Complete and mocha Pro will greatly benefit from combining our resources and technologies, as will the many mutual customers we serve.”

So what does this mean to the average Final Cut Pro X user? There are two angles.

The first is from third parties that licence Mocha to use in plugins and applications. The most obvious to us are the range of tracking and masking tools from Coremelt. Boris FX say that they see no foreseeable change in current licence relationships and stress that if anything, there will be benefits. Roger from Coremelt has publicly stated that he sees no change with SliceX and TrackX, infact several free updates are on their way.

Secondly, Boris FX has said that they will incorporate the Mocha technology into their plugins. So expect an expanded set of tools from them in the futures that could include automatic tracking and masking for example.

The founder of Boris FX, Boris Yamnitsky, says the same in the official press release.

Acquiring the proprietary mocha Planar Tracker technology will allow us to bring Imagineer’s Academy Award-winning planar tracking to Boris FX solutions and customers, while conversely, Imagineer products will benefit from Boris FX’s advanced host integration know-how. The breadth and depth of both companies’ technologies will allow us to quickly build powerful new visual effects. The acquisition expands global coverage, better serving customers worldwide, with staff located in the UK, New York, Los Angeles and Melbourne, Australia 

Has to be all good news for the end user. If you are a Mocha customer or a user of a plugin or app that uses mocha and want to know more about the acquisition, take a look at the FAQ page on the Boris FX website.


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