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impulz CGC

We always watch closely when Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central launches a new product. He's just released a set of film grades as LUTs called ImpulZ. We also have a 20% off discount code for FCP.co readers.

The use of LUTs in colour grading seems to be happening more and more in post these days. A LUT or Lookup Table, is a 3D grid of numbers that maps one colour space to another. Normally used to convert footage from log to REC.709 for example, with a bit of clever tweaking, they can provide a vast array of grades or looks.

At the moment there isn't a way to use LUTs in Final Cut Pro X without a third party plugin. Denver's LUT Utility has proved to be a very popular solution

Color Grading Central has now teamed up with visionCOLOR to launch ImpulZ, 3 sets of LUTs that range from $53 to $135.

Denver explains: "ImpulZ is the finest set of analog film LUTs to emulate BOTH camera negative and positive film print 35mm film. These aren't just one click presets but they accurately emulate your digital material as it had been shot on film. You get the genuine look of film and then you colour grade. Profiled for a large variety of cameras there is an ImpulZ version that will work for you and your budget"

Good news for FCP.co readers, Denver has offered a 20% discount on all the packages by using the code fcpcoimpulz The code is good until the end of the weekend, Sunday the 15th of June. 



Which version should I choose?

If you’re shooting with an HDSLR or Micro 4/3 camera using no particular picture style or color profile then I suggest the Basic. But if shooting with the Blackmagic Cinema 2.5K/Blackmagic Pocket Camera or any other camera with a picture or color profile loaded (i.e. ProLost Flat or SLog2), then I suggest the Pro version. And if you’ll be shooting with the Arri Alexa, RED, BMC 4K/URSA, C100/300/500 or Sony F55/F65, then I suggest the Ultimate.

About ImpulZ

This unique collection of meticulously generated film emulation LUTs brings the subtle beauty of the worlds best analog film stocks from Kodak®, Fuji® and more to the realm of digital cinematography and color grading. We hand selected some of the most sought after still and motion picture 35mm negative films to generate color accurate conversions for a large number of digital cameras and color spaces. ImpulZ™ is not just any other collection of one-click-make-awesome presets – it’s a complete toolkit to transform the way you’ll approach color grading!


ImpulZ™ breaks down the limitations of standard color correction tools with 30.000+ individual color transformations per film stock – in real time. Simply by integrating our 3D LUTs into your grading workflow you can turn every LUT compatible application into the most streamlined and flexibile film emulator ever – there’s no longer any third party software or plugin standing between you and giving your movie the exact look you always wanted. With ImpulZ‘s 3 distinct output gammas including industry standard Cineon LOG you’re always in complete control of the grade!


A great addition to an editors grading tools, especially when these LUTs will also work with other NLEs and colour grading software such as DaVinci Resolve, Adobe After Effects & Premiere, Photoshop, Avid and Motion.


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