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For a short period of time, Edgar Rothermich is offering a free download of his new Logic Remote "How it Works' graphically enhanced manual in Ebook format.

Edgar Rothermich's Graphically Enhanced Manuals (GEM) have been very popular. In fact his Final Cut Pro X manuals easily outsell every other FCPX book when we look at our Amazon statistics.

Edgar's roots are in music production, so it is no surprise that he has turned his attention to Logic Pro X and the new Logic Remote application for the iPad. He's working on the Logic Pro X edition, but has decided to offer the Logic Remote 'How it Works' manual as a free download for a short period of time.

Download Free Logic Remote How It Works manual.

Should you be reading the article after the link has expired, then the manual is available on the iTunes Bookstore and Amazon.

Purchase ($3.99) Logic Remote How It Works Manual (iTunes Bookstore) Or if you prefer a hardcopy version via Amazon.

So what makes Edgar's books so successful? Instead of pages and pages of words, he illustrates how an application works using rich graphics and diagrams. We've included a few sample pages below from the book so you can see Edgar's style of getting the information over.

(Click for larger image)

p24 small

p48 small

p65 small




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