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Red Egg plugins FCPX

New to the FCPX ecosystem, Red_Egg Productions has released a range of budget plugins for Final Cut pro X and Motion. Keying tools, grain, gunscopes, channel mixers and freebies too.

Since the issues between plugin developers earlier in the year, things have been relatively quiet on the new effects front. So it is nice to welcome Red_Egg Productions, a new developer onto the market. Then again with NAB starting next week, expect to see a lot of new products and posts appear!

Red_Egg have published a range of budget plugins for Final Cut Pro X and Motion. They range in price from $39 to free!

The flagship product is the eggScreenPro Suite, which at $39.99 provides a toolkit to help in greenscreen and bluescreen keying. It looks like other keying plugin tools, but has a price of under a quarter of a competitor. Maybe we should organise a keying shootout (or should that be cutout?) between different products!

eggScreenPro has six individual plugins.

  • eggScreenFix: Allows you to correct unevenly lit greenscreens.
  • eggScreenGarbage: Assists in easily creating procedural garbage mattes.
  • eggScreenPro: The heart and soul of the suite - this plugin creates the matte, despills the plate, applies transparency, and each step can be separated out into individual layers for more advanced composites.
  • eggScreenWrap: Creates lightwrap effects or outputs a matte so you can create your own.
  • eggScreenComp: Advanced compositing methods to assist in more difficult compositions. Includes the ability to apply the processed foreground compositing method, use the add-mix technique, and apply an edge blend.
  • RGBScopes: Not technically part of the eggScreenPro suite, but included to assist in despilling or color correction inside of Motion 5.


eggGrainer is a plugin that generates film grain for overlay onto footage. The Price ranges from $19.99 to $34.99 depending on the resolution you require from 720p to 3K.


Other paid plugins hatched include Gunscopes, Beauty Black & White, A Film SLR emulator, Channel Selector... Well we will let you check them out for yourself, including the freebies.