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More new plugins this week and thankfully not a lawyer's letter in sight! Panel Pop from Stupid Raisins is a plugin pack full of transitions using panels.

Panel Pop is a new plugin that expands the 'Pop' range from Stupid Raisins. The $49 pack of 26 transitions break video into panels that animate to reveal the incoming clip.

Although the pack has 26 different effects, controls such as panel direction within the plugins give an editor 348 different choices of transition to work with. 

The writer of the plugins Dylan Higginbotham explains:

'Most video transitions move or animate the entire outgoing clip to reveal the incoming clip. I wanted a transition pack that had the ultimate power to break the clips into animated parts so I created Panel Pop.

I used Motion5 to build the templates and then I published them for Final Cut Pro X. Some of the templates were especially tricky, like the Map Fold.  Grrr!  Moving, folding, rotating - all at the same time.  I lost a lot of hair putting that one together.'

The pack is distributed with the FxFactory plugin management system and a free watermarked trial is available. Dylan is also offering a 30-day money back guarantee if you don't like them. 





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