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SUGARfx have made editor's lives a lot easier by releasing a brand new $49 plugin for the display of subtitles in FCPX and Final Cut Pro 7 timelines. 

Subtitles is one of those words that instantly sends an editor's heart sinking. You know you are in for a session of splitting up a text generator into pieces with the blade tool to try to match an interview. Not the most creative use of an editor's time, but unfortunately a necessary one.

SUGARfx has just released Subtitles, a $49 plugin that will add onscreen text in a pre-formatted way, this is not the same as closed captioning. The plugin has been written in Quartz Composer so will run in Final Cut Pro X & FCP7, Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects and should you need it, Motion. Using markers for timing and wordwrap (huge cheer) will definitely speed things up. The plugin uses the popular FxFactory management system for distribution and licencing.

One great way to see the plugin in action is to watch the tutorial video, you'll see why!


It might not be a plugin packed with eye candy, but it looks like a very solid utility product that does one job well. We are good friends with SUGARfx and in the light of the recent dust bust we can say that this is 100% all their own work!

What is interesting about the plugin is the number of ways it will accept or generate the data. Life is a lot easier if you are supplied with an SRT file and this will have your subtitles onscreen with just a few clicks. Manually generating the subtitles looks like a bit of an long-winded workaround.

- SubRip (SRT) format support with timecode accuracy for perfectly synchronized placement of subtitles.

- Use your own subtitle data format (with or without Timecode).

- International Support: Supports hundreds of fonts and languages.

- Final Cut Pro X and Final Cut Pro 7 marker support for subtitle creation and timecode accurate placement.

- Comprehensive control over font, style, tracking and position.

- Auto wrapping of text and margin control.

- Auto Duration fine tuning.

- Use of Presets for multi-user environments.


Will it work for you? There is a watermarked trial so you can take it for a spin yourself. 




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