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The bullet time or timeslice technique was made very popular by The Matrix and as a result it has been done before and done again. What we liked about this musical version was the complexity of the FCP 7 timeline in the BTS video. And you thought your edits were complicated!

When drummer Navene-K wanted a music video, he teamed up with Marc Donahue from Permagrin Films to produce a slightly out of the ordinary result. By using 15 GoPros on a custom handheld rig and a few DSLRs for the static shots, Marc was able to combine 5 live performances into one 'bullet time' result.

GoPro arrays are not new, surfers have been caught hanging in mid air out on the ocean and even Apple had a set on their Audi track day demo footage. (We think nobody has seen the results.)

We are of course more interested in post production, but let's take a look at the final video.



I think we were slightly disappointed with the result. Maybe we were waiting for that signature shot of a freeze of a drumstick in the air with the viewpoint moving. Its not going to past a Harding test either.

None the less you have to agree that Marc's FCP7 timeline is impressive. 

"The shoot took two hours. The footage took a day to convert and three days to edit."

drummer fcp7 gopro 2


More information in the BTS video from Marc and Nevine. 


Many thanks to Marc, Navene and FStoppers who posted the story first.




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