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VFX Nut Offers FCPX Plugin Mega Bundle at a Discount

Final Cut Pro X Plugin Mega Bundle

We always like to help the smaller plugin producer and this is no exception. Trevor Davies or as you might know him better, VFX Nut has a bumper pack of plugins on offer.

Trevor Davies got in touch about his pack of FCPX plugins. His brother's LUTs had sold well when we featured them back in January 2015. 

As we started writing that this is the first time we have featured a relative's products, we remembered that we had also featured Tim Dashwood's children's plugins!

Back to Trevor and this is what he had to say about his $45 Mega Bundle for FCPX.

"The pack is a compilation of all our popular Final Cut Pro X packs. Celebrating 1 year we have come up with this special pack for Final Cut editors that encompasses the essence of all our popular Final Cut packs in 1 pack. The pack has been heavily discounted to less than $5 per pack which we think is the best deal online for a comprehensive Final Cut Bundle.

All packs are fully editable in Final Cut Pro X and have controls for most of the features. The packs have also been optimised so you should experience little or no lag at all when using our the packs. Each pack has a separate user manual and appears as it would if you bought the individual pack." 

  • 90+ Fully editable Titles (Split into themes)
  • 60+ Fully editable Lower thirds (Split into themes)
  • 30+ Alternative instant colour sets
  • Glitch and Twitch plug-in 11 Composite effects all fully editable
  • Custom transitions (all fully editable)
  • Split screen transitions (Modular fully editable)
  • Kinetic Kit (custom word animations and kinetic scenes)
  • Bonus Pack Logo reveal pack
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