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Would you like to contribute to the growing Final Cut Pro X community? We are looking for writers, bloggers and general FCPX enthusiasts to help keep the good news going on FCP.co.

The goal for FCP.co when it was started nearly six years ago (pre FCPX) was to provide a site for news, reviews and comments about Final Cut. We think we have done that, but we need to get bigger as FCPX gets bigger, get more voices, experiences and opinions heard on here. 

You might have noticed that over the last few months we have been featuring articles from many different writers. From Fox Mahoney's excellent advanced Motion tutorials to Ronny Courtens' amazing FCPX user stories and of course Alex Gollner's in-depth VR talk with Duncan Shepherd, they have all been great reads. Now we would like to expand that opportunity.

What are we looking for? Great content that will be an interesting and informative read for other FCPX users.

That is why we are asking potential writers, bloggers and anybody else who would like to help to get in touch. Have you a great user story? An idea for an article? or would just like to review a piece of software or hardware. Experience of formatting an HTML article in a CMS would be a bonus too.

What are we not looking for? Regurgitated press releases, churnalism (The posting of a short article leading to another article on a different site) and sponsored articles with content that has no interest to readers. We have tried to keep the standard of articles up on FCP.co and keep the signal to noise ratio down. 

We think the next few months up to Christmas will be an exciting time. Hopefully we will have the much anticipated update to Final Cut Pro and possibly some new hardware to run it on.

As for FCP.co, we will be converting to a new style that makes everything look smarter, easier to read and yes, it will have a responsive layout for mobile devices. You never know, you just might be able to stay logged in to our busy forums!

So if you would like to participate, please email me, Peter the editor at editor(at)fcp(dot)co Please make the subject line obvious as the site gets many, many emails a day.

We would love to hear from you!