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xeffects audio fades

This new set of free plugins from Idustrial Revolution automates the application of handles to clips or audio components on a Final Cut Pro X timeline. It is one step closer to getting better audio controls in FCPX and should save time and clicks.


As a professional editor, I've had a busy summer working almost exclusively with Final Cut Pro X on broadcast productions. If you add the list up looking at the calendar, I've probably worked on more than 50 shows that have been edited on FCPX.

As the shows get edited very close to transmission, all the grading and audio work needs to be completed to a very high standard right within FCPX. That means that not only does the audio have to be fully mixed, any voice has to be compressed to the correct dynamic range for broadcast.

To help speed things up, I made a few presets with different compressor settings. One for voiceover, one for studio recordings and one for location interviews.

Dragging those onto the different audio bites helped a lot, but I also noticed that the fade handles were getting saved in the process. That led me to think, why not make a bunch of audio presets as plugins that have different audio handles pre-programmed?

And thus Idustrial Revolution's XEffects Audio Fades were born. A free pack of plugin presets ranging from 1 frame to 10 seconds. The one frame instance is handy for removing those digital clicks when editing mid word or music. The 2 second should help when putting B roll with audio into a secondary storyline and the 10 second version..  Well you see the advantage, no more grabbing of those awkward little fade handles!!!



Please read the installation instructions carefully. Do not drag the folder in, if you do so then although the plugins will show up in FCPX, they won't work. 

No idea why, but I have to thank the crack team of beta testers including Robert Dee, Paul Murphy, Alister Robbie, Knut Hake, Tony Gallardo and Lee Herbet for trying them out before release.

A special gold star to Robert who spotted the installation quirk first.

We all know that Final Cut Pro X cannot do audio crossfades quickly, hopefully this set of plugins will remove a few clicks. I tend to expand the audio components, add the fades and then stretch out the audio on the outgoing clip underneath the incoming audio of the next shot.

A word of warning here. Apply these presets first as because they are saved based on clip level, any adjustment away from 0dB including keyframes will be wiped out. An extra bit of good news is as they are presets, you do not have to have them installed on another machine if you move your project over. 

Hopefully these will save time, however I'd quite happily swop them for an official Apple way of fading audio. 

Anybody interested in my compressor settings???


Peter Wiggins @PeterWiggins