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fitness in post

Twenty five minutes of advice from Zack Arnold that could literally save your life. You also get to find out what a burpee is. (No, we hadn't a clue either.)

Editors and health. When was the last time you heard those two words in the same sentence? We have to admit to have been slightly sceptical when we heard about Fitness in Post, but just watching the first couple of minutes of the video certainly hit home a few facts and highlighted some very familiar situations.

We quite happily sit in a darkened box for long hours with not many breaks and bad food brought in on paper plates and plastic cutlery. Now we have Final Cut Pro X the render breaks have gone too! Add all of that up with a good sprinkling of stress and you can see why it could all be slowly killing us.

Zack Arnold from Fitness in Post presented his health findings and solutions at the recent Editor's Lounge held at Alpha Dogs in Burbank, California. We watched the whole thing in one go (we admit to sitting down) and we suggest you do too. You'll discover that Dan Bérubé started getting fit five months ago and now he is doing beach body fitness programs.



The video tends to go into a sales pitch about two thirds of the way in, but it's still packed with information that does make you think. We also feel slightly smug that we are already using a Withings wifi scales and their tracking app on the iPhone. The weight is slowly going down, but Zacks tips just might speed things up.


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