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  • Five more awesome FCPX grading tutorials from Color Grading Central


    We have had many emails from people asking when the next set of tutorials would be available from Color Grading Central. The next five of these superb videos are now posted after the break.

  • Fix interview audio issues in Final Cut Pro X with the Magnetic Stereo plugin from CrumplePop

    magnetic stereo fcpx crumplepop

    Do you use a stereo microphone when recording interviews and get a wandering audio image in FCPX? This new plugin from CrumplePop centres your audio automatically.

  • Fixing video and audio levels to broadcast standards in Final Cut Pro using Digimetrics Eos plugins


    When we first saw the news of the Digimetrics Eos plugin for Final Cut Pro we thought 'nothing new' as it has been done before. Today a video for the Eos audio 'legaliser' was brought to our attention, so we thought we'd take a quick look at both.

  • Fly around a webpage by using the 3D camera in Apple's Motion

    suiter motion webpage 3d camera

    It's been a week of tutorials here on FCP.co and we thought that we would end it with a great Motion demo from Doug Suiter. Want to fly around a webpage? Now you can.

  • Fotoshop by Adobé A brilliant take on beauty retouching


    This video is just too good to hold back until Friday. A brilliant tongue in cheek look at the retouching of model shots, a behind the scenes video too.

  • Four feature, episodic and commercial editors tell us 'Why we make that edit'


    What did you think you were going to do over the next hour and a half? This excellent discussion from the Editors Lounge concentrates on the craft of editing. Not to be missed.

  • Four new Final Cut Pro X plugins from new designer TangentFX

    Tangentfx fcpx launch

    The last new FCPX plugin post of the year belongs to new designer TangentFX. They have just released four brand new reasonably priced plugins onto the market.

  • Four new Final Cut Pro X plugins from Reelpath, Nattress and Pixel Film Studios

    january FCPX plugin roundup

    It is already a bumper month for FCPX plugins and these four new products from Reelpath, Nattress and Pixel Film Studios get added to the list today. Moving picture in picture effects, bouncing and shatter transitions and a good 'ol film look.

  • Four new plugins for Final Cut Pro X, more light transitions and overlays

    nov plugin roundup

    Four sets of plugins have been released for Final Cut Pro X over the last week or so. They seem to follow a theme of light transitions and overlays.

  • Free 3D media to edit in FCP? Download it now...

    Boston based camera man Tom Guilmette shares his experience of shooting 3D, and the positives and negatives of the Panasonic AG 3DA1 3D Video Camera. This is an informed perspective so well worth a listen. Find out more about editing 3D footage after the break.

    UPDATE: Walter Murch's 3D verdict in (also after the break)

  • Free FCP 3D Move Transition Template From Thomas Graziani

    This is a free 3D transition for FCP which Thomas Graziani has created and entitled 3D Flip. Links after the break.

  • Free Final Cut Pro X tutorial roundup for May

    may fcpx tutorial roundup

    We love free tutorials for Final Cut Pro X and there seems to be more people making them every month. We take a look a the ones that caught our eye, make sure you have a large coffee ready!

  • Friday 13th Explosion with Phantom Flex


    Seeing as how today is Friday the 13th we thought we'd post a video about blowing things up. Awesome stuff here from Tom Guilmette experimenting further with the Phantom Flex. By the way don't try this stuff at home, Tom and his crew used Lexan Blast Shields to protect themselves during filming.

  • Friday inspiration from VisualMasterpiece - 100% FCPX users from day one!


    Michael Padilla from VisualMasterpiece got in contact with us as his latest showreel was edited completely in Final Cut Pro X. Impressive stuff and we've even got a BTS video on how they shoot a wedding.

  • Gabriel's Journey to Yosemite. Shot on RED Epics, edited in Final Cut Pro X

    gabriel yosemite fcpx

    A wonderful short film from Chris Mckechnie about a boy wanting to become a park ranger for a day at Yosemite. Shot on 2 RED Epics (one of them mounted on a Movi) and all edited in Final Cut Pro X. 

  • Getting a high dynamic range look from GoPro footage with CrumplePop's HDR for GoPro plugin

    crumplepop HDR Gopro FCPX

    The recent Protune update that increases the bit rate on GoPro cameras has led to sharper, more saturated pictures. CrumplePop has released HDR for GoPro, a $49 plugin for Final Cut Pro X that can use all the extra data to give footage that high dynamic range look.

  • Getting single or multiple clips out of Final Cut Pro X with the $16 ClipExporter App


    You've finished a short film but need to have some VFX applied to a few shots in your FCPX timeline. Now you can export the clips you need as reference movies, with handles using ClipExporter.

  • Hands on with the Canon EOS-1D X and some tough questions answered


    ***Updated with embedded video***

    Not only did he manage some hands on time, Dan Chung also quizzed Canon's Mike Burnhill for detailed information on codecs, moiré, rolling shutter, accessory compatibility and more.

  • Hardware and software combo clapperboard for iPad


    There are many iPad clapperboard apps out there, this one is different and certainly the coolest. For $200 you not only get the application but you also get your own chevron painted sticks on an iPad case to clap with.

  • HDWarrior publishes his review of IBC2011 part one


    We thought there would be more camera crews touring the show floor at IBC this year, but we only counted a few. Good job Philip Johnston aka the HDWarrior was there shooting his summaries.

  • How do you use your Final Cut Pro? Keyboard? Mouse? Tablet?


    Chris Culp decided to film himself editing on Final Cut Pro and then compress that down into a one minute video. It made us think of two things. 1: Editors don't move much during the day and 2: There are many different ways to control FCP. What's yours?

  • How many film scenes can you reproduce in a one take rap video?


    Another video that took a lot of planning, this time with a lot of post production too. See how many movie scenes you recognise in this clever (almost seamless) one take video. Behind the scenes video included.

  • How to condense down and archive those finished FCP projects using Media Manager

    An old but excellent tutorial. Media managing is hardly the most glamorous side of editing but it has to be done. Even though disk space is becoming cheaper by the day, you can't keep every take of every shot. This tutorial from Peter Salvia brought to you by his second glass of Amstel Light during some downtime during his laundry, will show you how to condense those finished FCP projects down. We had this video up for publishing before the free webinar was announced, a good primer for that one and a half hours maybe!

  • How to produce a 3D menu for inclusion on a 3D Blu-ray disc


    Making 3D material is still not easy, so how difficult is it to make a 3D menu to start off your 3D Blu-ray disk? To be honest we wouldn't have a Scooby where to start, luckily we know a man who has produced an excellent half hour tutorial to show us how.

  • How to shoot kick ass aerials with your DSLR

    Adam Boozer from Jewell&Ginnie gives us an insight into shooting aerials out of a Robinson R44 helicopter. Some gyros, some Zacuto and a door missing. 

  • HY-FX release $25 colour grading utility plugin HyColour for Final Cut Pro X

    Hyfx colour FCPX

    There are many looks packages out there for FCPX, but they don't tackle some of the trickier colour correction problems that editors face. The new $25 HyColour colour grading utility plugin concentrates on getting the colours right.

  • HY-FX update their colour correction tool to the new $45 HyColour Pro

    hy-colour-pro FCPX

    Jonathan Richards at HY-FX filled a small gap in FCPX functionality with a one click colour cast removal tool called HYColour. Now HyColour Pro moves the plugin into advanced colour correction and looks building.

  • Ident and organise your rushes automatically into Final Cut Pro with QRSlate


    We have overlooked many instances of new clapperboard iPad apps being released as there's a lot of them out there. QRSlate is slightly different as it tags the footage with a QR code for automatic recognition and logging info matching later. Clever.

  • Irudis launch the free Tonalizer VFX Lite color corrector plugin for Final Cut Pro


    Irudis have released a free version of their popular photographic style grading plugin Tonalizer. Tonalizer VFX Lite is free and ready for download for all Final Cut Pro 7 and FCPX users.

  • Irudis launch Tonalizer, a photo style grading tool for FCPX


    New to us, the Danish software company Irudis has launched a photo style colour correction plugin for FCPX, Final Cut Pro 7, Motion and Final Cut Express.

  • It's Free Final Cut Pro X Effect Friday here on FCP.co!

    freeeffectfriday fcpx

    Idustrial Revolution started the ball rolling this morning with the simpler hashtag #freeeffectfriday. As everybody loves free plugin effects for Final Cut Pro X, we thought that we would carry the thought on. Lots to download!

  • It's friday so in true FCP.co tradition we offer you a very cool video to watch


    Straight up we have to give credit to Michele at Toolfarm for pointing out this record breaking video. It was shot in her home town of Grand Rapids and we think she would have liked to have been in it herself!  Grab yourself a coffee and enjoy this nine minute piece of organisational skill as there isn't much editing involved.

  • Jonathan Yi got his hands on a pre-production Canon C300 and made a slightly 'different' test movie


    You shouldn't judge a book by its cover and you shouldn't judge an uploaded movie by its poster frame. When this Canon C300 demo film popped up yesterday we overlooked it, we shouldn't have, it's not your ordinary camera test...

  • Just remember, when you publish to YouTube or Vimeo you are broadcasting to the World


    Over the last week we have seen a few videos that we have featured here on FCP.co pulled from the two big video sites. Removed for different reasons, but users should remember you are broadcasting to the world.

  • Law & Order promo shot on two Red Epics and yes it does look stunning

    This just popped up over the weekend. A pretty cool promo for Law & Order shot on two Red Epics. We do love DSLRs here, but we have to admit that this promo shot at 120 FPS looks stunning.

  • Learn about the basic tools in Final Cut Pro X with the FCPX Master


    As a follow-up to his popular trim, crop & Ken Burns tutorial, the FCPX Master Michael Mehlhorn publishes a video on the basic tools within FCPX.

  • Light burst transitions for Final Cut Pro X with Transflare

    transflare FCPX

    It seems like Pixel Film Studios are releasing new plugins every other day! Their latest is a transition pack called Transflare and we have a 25% off coupon code for this and all of the rest of their plugins.  

  • Made from $7 worth of bits from Ikea! DIY 5D DSLR Shoulder mount

    It seems there's no need to spend thousands on rigs and mounts for your 5D when you can go to Ikea, spend $7 on a cutting board, use some old pipe and suddenly you've got a DSLR shoulder mount! More after the break.

  • Magic Bullet II New and updated plugins plus 25% off everything storewide until July 2nd


    We nearly posted this yesterday but we're glad we didn't as a discount promo arrived in our inbox today. Red Giant have updated the Magic Bullet Suite, added some plugins and now have 25% off too.

  • Make your own lens flares with a DSLR, an iPhone and clear tape


    Lens flares and light leaks seem to be the flavour of the month, well at least they are better than gratuitous speedramps. Matt Coleman decided to make his own using a DSLR, iPhone and clear tape.

  • Matthew Allard takes delivery of Sony F3 model number 00002 and posts some real life findings and video


    Jealous yes, very. Matthew Allard of Al Jazeera took delivery of a Sony F3 model number 00002 and immediately put it to work. How did it perform?

    **Update 2/3/11 Firmware update & news of a 8K sensor Sony camera possibly to be shown at NAB**

  • mCopyRemover A free handy utility for removing 'copy' from all your Motion layers


    If you are anything like us when making Motion projects, you end up with many layers called Copy 1, Copy 2 etc. Now there's a quick fix to get your layers looking nice and neat.

  • Mindtransplant update ClipExporter for getting FCPX projects and clips into After Effects


    The options for getting clips and projects from Final Cut Pro X into After Effects are decreasing. Foolcut won't work wih versions above 10.0.2 and Automatic Duck is only for Final Cut Pro 7. The new ClipExporter version 1.1 from MindTransplant fills that gap.

  • More Free Final Cut Pro Effects on Free Effect Friday

    free effect friady 2

    Another roundup of the free effects for FCPX and Motion that have been published over the last couple of weeks. There's a lot of them too ranging from utility plugins, transitions and templates. 

  • More light leaks on the market with 5DLeaks for $19.99


    Another source for those much loved light leaks. 5DLeaks are offering their pack of leaks for $19.99

  • Morphing transitions tutorial and using the Contour ShuttlePRO for colour correction in FCPX

    morph tutorial contour demo

    Two tutorials or demos today. First is a very clever way to morph between jump cuts in an interview. The second is a very customised Contour ShuttlePRO geared up to make colour correction easy.

  • Motion control timelapse on a budget. Tom Guilmette test drives the Kessler Pocket Dolly Traveler


    There are two things we love about Tom's reviews and blog posts. The first one is his cool coffee table housing a Grass Valley switcher control panel. The second is his passion about passing on information and experience. Here he tests the Kessler Pocket Dolly Traveler with the Basic Controller.

  • Motion VFX release mBurns 2 for 4K film strips and burns in Final Cut Pro X

    mburns 4K

    MotionVFX has just released a new pack of film strip and light burns for FCPX. Priced at $49 the new pack has been made with 4K elements for those extra pixels.

  • MotionVFX launch a $49 mLooks pack of wedding looks for FCPX


    If you are using Final Cut Pro X to produce weddings then this new pack of looks from MotionVFX is going to be of interest to you.

  • MotionVFX launch mVintage a Final Cut Pro X plugin for that old film look


    Another day, another light leak. This new $89 plugin from MotionVFX is worth a look though as it does more than just the ubiquitous light flashes we have seen so much of.

  • MotionVFX publish mLogo2 a second set of animations to display your logo

    mlogo motionvfx

    Run out of ways on how to present a client's logo to make it look sexy? MotionVFX has just released a second pack of logo animations for Final Cut Pro X and Motion5.

  • Move, Learn & Eat. Three awesome short films


    We have seen the walk across America films but these guys take that idea to another level. Travel around the world and only shoot one second of video in a location. Amazing results.

  • Multi-cam DSLRs even at a wedding!

     Eric Kmetz of Epic Motion posted this multi-cam tutorial.This is very helpful for anyone who does multi-cam shoots not just weddings. Made with his iMac, his iSight, his iChair and most importantly his iBalls! See one of Eric's beautiful wedding films after the break.

  • My life in FCP


    Rob Tinworth has made this short video on his life with Final Cut Pro. We won't say too much about it, we'll let you enjoy the ride. Expect this to get posted on every blog in the next 24 hours.

  • New and updated products in the Final Cut Pro X plugin roundup for December

    FCPX plugin roundup december

    In this months plugin roundup we have a new grading plugin from Pixel Film Studios, an interesting update to 3D rendering in FCPX with Super Charger and two new plugins from the FxFactory stable. 

  • New product roundup for FCPX and the end of the line for some familiar hardware

    macpro dead new product roundup

    A busy week for news but maybe it will be remembered more by what products ended their life. We take a look at new software products and the end for some old hardware friends.

  • New Vimeo Tools for Final Cut Pro X

    Did you know there was a standalone Vimeo app for Final Cut Pro X that installs a new custom export destination? No, we didn't either and this new video featuring Tohm Sansani from Vimeo explains all.

  • Nigel Cooper posts the first detailed review of the Sony NEX FS100E on DVuser


    Nigel Cooper at DVuser was a lucky man, he managed to get his hands on the new Sony NEX-FS100E before its grand announcement yesterday. Another post DSLR large sensor 5D killer? Links and a Sony demo video after the break.

  • Now you can check how Final Cut Pro X works even when you're not in front of FCPX


    So here is the scenario. After a long week editing, you are having a well deserved drink at your local and you get a call from a producer who can't work FCPX. How do you guide them through the buttons & menus from memory? Don't worry, you have the Navigator app on your iPhone.

  • NSFW Wacom Pen Mouse Men make money

    Some people put in a serious amount of time into their pet projects. Awesome!

    Money Money Money - "Gettin' Money With a Mouse and a Wacom Pen)" from Daily Planet ltd. on Vimeo.

  • October's roundup of new plugins for Final Cut Pro X

    October FCPX plugin roundup

    When we said October, we really should have said in the last few days. New plugins for FCPX are coming thick and fast so we thought we would combine them into a roundup. Freebies too.

  • Off the Floor- a contemporary pole dancing documentary edited on Final Cut Pro X

    off the floor banner fcpx

    Take a group of dancers, three years and the ambition to push the boundaries of pole dancing and you have the ingredients for a good feature length documentary. It turned out that FCPX was the ideal tool for the edit.

  • OMF export out of FCPX the long way round


    Hot on the heels of the weekend's excitement with FCPX and FCP7 project interchange, Jef Gibbons got in touch with us to share his Final Cut Pro X OMF export 'workaround'

  • Pixel Film Studios release Final Cut Pro X plugin Proslice for split screen work

    fcpx proslice

    The first week into the new year and new plugins for Final Cut Pro X are already starting to appear. This latest plugin from Pixel Film Studios is designed to make the making of split screens easier. PROLUMETRIC gets released too.

  • PPM Meters for Final Cut Pro X


    We nearly fell off our Aerons when we saw the FCPX GUI poster frame to this quick tutorial. We have wanted decent PPM meters in FCP ever since we owned our first copy. There's good news and bad news though.

  • Pre-NAB buzz on the future of FCP from the guys who broke the SuperMeet rumour

    Check this out if you want to get the latest buzz on the new FCP and what's going to be what in NLE in the near future. The March 2011 Editors' Loungewas the 8th year of their annual NAB discussion panel and featured an influential panel of guest speakers: Steve Cohen, Terence Curren, Mark Raudonis, Michael Bravin and Lucas Wilson. The second part of the discussion after the break.

  • PressPausePlay An unmissable documentary on the digital media revolution


    What did you think you mistakenly think you were going to do for the next hour and a half? When a film contains interviews with the likes of Moby and Seth Godin, you know it's going to be worth watching. In fact if you work in the creative industries, this is one film you can't afford to miss.

  • Rapture - Beautiful Images of American Southwest

    Phone Home from The Brothers McLeod on Vimeo.

    This is production footage Tom Lowe shot over the summer for his debut film, "TimeScapes," a modern portrait of the American Southwest, using Canon and Red MX cameras. Follow the film's production here.

  • RE:Vision Effects release the Pro version of Twixtor for Final Cut Pro X


    Whilst we were all watching the keynote speech text blog on Monday, RE:Vision effects released the pro version of Twixtor for FCPX. Many thanks to Michael Horton at LAFCPUG for the tip.

  • RE:Vision FX release Twixtor for Final Cut Pro X


    Twixtor is an almost legendary plugin, for retiming footage for that extreme slomo look there isn't a better method. It's been released for FCPX, but sit down before you look at the price.

  • Red Giant release Universe, the community driven ever-expanding collection of plugins

    red giant universe

    The beta has finished, Red Giant has announced that their new collection of plugins called Universe has now been officially released. There are multiple price plans and subscriptions available.

  • Red Giant's Fast 3D Effects in Final Cut Pro

    In this tip Apple Certified Master Trainer Simon Walker shows you how to improve up your workflow by compositing elements in a virtual 3D space with reflections and glow elements, without leaving the Final Cut timeline. He emailed us saying "Why don't you show some of my tutorials". So we are.

  • RED Scarlet camera caught on the way to CES show

    You have to admire that Tonaci Tran, he gets to see the right people at the right time with the right kit. On a recent visit to Red Studios, he managed to doorstep Ted Schilowitz on the way to CES with a Scarlet in his hand. Makes me smile that the video was hot on an iPhone though. Ironic?

     UPDATED 8th Jan  Ted & Scarlet camera get featured on Guardian TV after the break.

  • Replay the Video Presentations From FCPX World, London

    If you attended the FCPX World event in London last month, you would have seen Thomas Grove Carter, James Tonkin and Rory Cantwell/ByronWijayawardenapresent on stage. Three Final Cut Pro X demos that we can now publish on FCP.co. Not to be missed!

  • Reproduce the TopGear custom transitions with this new Final Cut Pro X plugin pack


    The UK BBC TV show TopGear has been using custom transitions to get a very stylised feel to their VT inserts. HyGear is a $49 pack of FCPX transitions that replicate the look.

  • Rgrain $60 film grain clips package for making video look like filmstock


    Rgrain have released a set of film grain clips to overlay onto your footage to make that pin sharp video look like it was shot on a film camera. $60 gets you the set to work in Final Cut Pro and other NLE's

  • Ron Brinkman presents Cameras and our Future


    A fifteen minute presentation on the future of photography from Ron Brinkman, the guy who designed the interface for Shake. We enjoyed it a lot.

  • Scary eyes to pack replacement in this early November Final Cut Pro X tutorial roundup

    nov tut0rail roundup

    Scary eyes, real estate promotion, pack replacement and Larry Jordan. What do they all have in common? They all feature in this roundup of FCPX tutorials. Some basic, some advanced, they are all worth a watch.

  • Scott Simmons compares FCPX to iMovie and lists the similarities

    Take a look at the video above. The new FCPX in action? Wrong, it's an iMovie timeline worked up by Scott Simmonds. Looks slightly familiar doesn't it?

  • See your short film entries on the big screen in Leicester Square on December 4th

    movie machine festival


    Movie Machine's Digital Cinema Festival will showcase footage on the big screen from many different affordable cameras. They are also offering a Blackmagic Cinema camera as a first prize for the best short film entered.

  • Shane Hurlbut and the Redrock Micro ManCam

    Shane Hurlbut ASC talks about HDSLR filmmaking and his use of the Redrock Mancam rigs.

  • Shane Ross and his video review of NAB 2012


    How could we not post Shane Ross's video podcast of this year's NAB Show 2012. When you get the Smoke 2013 Product Manger to reenact a Kiki wipe, you know it's not going to be an ordinary review.

  • Shoot flat on your Nikon D7000 and then edit flat in Final Cut Pro, grade in Color


    You can't have failed to miss the many demo videos about Technicolor's CineStyle picture style that allows Canon DSLR owners more latitude colour correcting video in post production. Nikon owners now have the same opportunity.

  • Shoot on your DSLR with the free 'Cinestyle' picture profile from Technicolor for better grading in post

    ***Update Technicolor have now posted the picture style & new FAQ after the readmore  More 'looks' also planned***

    (First published on 15th April)

    Dan Chung's reports have been excellent this week from NAB, but just for us editors we have saved the best 'till last. This free download from Technicolor will make your 5D or 7D more filmic in post production.

  • Shooting at either end of the 5D spectrum. From pin sharp 3D to a lo-fi $25 Holga Lens

    Shooting 3D with two Canon 5D MkIIs? Apparently it was difficult to achieve because of the GenLock problem, but not for Damian Steck when he produced his Eyes Wide Open film in pin sharp stereoscopic 3D. Pin sharp that is if you're wearing your 3D specs for this anaglyph version. More after the break including news about the Holga.

  • Shooting corporate video on a 5K Red Epic and post producing in Final Cut Pro X

    peragon RED FCPX

    Chris McKechnie dropped us a line with the details of how he made a corporate video for Peragon. Shot on a Red Epic and post produced in Final Cut Pro X and REDCINE-X, we knew it was going to be a good read.

  • Shooting HDR video on a Canon DSLR with Magic Lantern firmware


    ***Updated with Canon 5D Magic Lantern Firmware***

    It seems everybody is after the HDR look these days. Now the lucky owners of some Canon DSLRs can shoot High Dynamic Range video with the new Magic Lantern firmware update.

  • Shot Notes X: Now on the Mac App Store

    shot notes FCPX

    Hot on the heels of the Lumberjack System, Shot Notes X is an application that takes the data from a script supervisor on set and makes it available in the edit. Sam Mestman explains for FCP.co "no dailies, no carts, no labs, and no transcoding!" 

  • SkinTone plugin from CrumplePop gets faces looking the correct colour in FCPX

    crumplepop skintone

    CrumplePop has just released a new plugin for Final Cut Pro X that corrects skin tones back to their natural colour. They are also offering the tool at a discounted price for a short period.

  • Slow motion at 1% using Optical Flow in FCPX


    Final Cut Pro has never been good at slow motion. The introduction of FCPX has now brought Optical Flow retiming within the app -so what does video at 1% of original speed look like?

  • So we missed Halloween, but here is how to make a camera out of a pumpkin.

    A LOT of of work to make a camera out of a pumpkin, but a nicely made how to. BTW it was an Orange pumpkin that shoots 4K :)

  • Some Friday inspiration from this beautiful music video, Rippled


    In a week where there's been plugin launches galore, things have quietened down for the weekend. An ideal chance for some inspiration from this amazing music video. We were mesmerised.

  • Some sound inspiration from this friday's video


    Sound is always the poor twin in the editing family so it's always nice to find a video where the sound drives the action. Our video offering to you in its normal friday slot is this clever mix of ordinary sounds into music.

  • Something completely different: Recording and mixing the Transformers: Dark of the Moon soundtrack


    We had a post on the forum that maybe we were getting a bit too FCPX centric. We agree and hopefully this will be a little break from the stream of Final Cut Pro news from the last fortnight. The Transformers: Dark of the Moon might not be Oscar material but boy do these sound guys have fun!

  • Sony F65 workflow for getting 4K files into Final Cut Pro and Avid


    If you are one of the lucky editors who will work with 4K RAW or SR codec footage from the Sony F65 camera, then you'll need to know how to get the footage off the cards and into your NLE.

  • Sony's PMW-F3: The promo's ''Convergence'' with short film