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  • sony_f3_no_primes

    You've been thinking about purchasing a Sony PMW-F3, a great camera at a great price, but then you factor in the cost of putting some prime lenses on this mother of all cameras, and suddenly you're retreating back to your DSLR double-quick time. Well think again those old Nikons you've got hanging around might just do the job. More after the break.


    We think we'll look back and see the introduction of Thunderbolt as a bit of a watershed. Today AJA Video Systems announced the io XT, a portable I/O video 7 audio capture box. We sat down with Tony Cacciarelli who took us through all the new products and updates for IBC 2011.

  • Erik Widding of Birger Engineering demonstrates the latest working prototype of his Canon EOS to Micro 4/3, AF100 and Sony NEX adapters. These adapters bring the speed and flexibility of DSLR shooting to the AF100 and Sony NEX.

  • We won't ruin the fun, but shouldn't all tutorials be as dangerous?

  • fcpx_apple_optimised_media

    A bit of a shock, but this information from Apple cleared up the question from NAB about why some media can't be optimised within FCPX.

  • sony_xdcam_FCPX

    Apple have released a Knowledge Base article on how to import XDCAM footage into FCPX. Hang on a minute though, this isn't new news is it? Or are we missing something here?

  • FCP7_camera_update

    Apple have always produced a list of third party devices that have been qualified for use with Final Cut Pro. Here's a  handy list of cameras including which easy setup you should be using, but that's not why we find this interesting.

  • We all know the limitations of the small low-resolution screens on DSLR cameras when we're trying to judge critical focus and exposure. There have been small monitors available before now, but Sony are trying to broaden the market and the CLM-V55 is a tempting, and relatively low-cost, option. Definitely a rival to ikanand Marshall. Thanks to CREWS TV for spotting this story. All the spec and more after the break.

    UPDATE: Marshall release a loop through monitor.

  • IBC day 1

    The exhibition isn't even open yet and there are already headlines being written. New cameras, Blackmagic Design gets their cheque book out again, 4K everywhere and a very interesting piece of FCPX news that we are tracking down.

  • fcpx-alternatives

    Final Cut Pro X might not be for you, so what are the options? Oliver Peters takes a tour through the NLE alternatives.

  • Genarts_sapphire_v6

    GenArts have released Version 6 of their popular plugin pack Sapphire for Final Cut Pro 7. They seem to be moving away from compositing tools and going for the eye candy.

  • hdwarrior_ibc_2011_part1

    We thought there would be more camera crews touring the show floor at IBC this year, but we only counted a few. Good job Philip Johnston aka the HDWarrior was there shooting his summaries.


    Normally when you attend a trade show, you know more or less what's going to be there and what will be the headline grabbers. So it's always nice to come across something unexpected and cool. Sony's Ci Mediacloud is such a product and it ties right in with FCPX.

  • Sony_F3_review

    Jealous yes, very. Matthew Allard of Al Jazeera took delivery of a Sony F3 model number 00002 and immediately put it to work. How did it perform?

    **Update 2/3/11 Firmware update & news of a 8K sensor Sony camera possibly to be shown at NAB**

  • nab south hall fcpx 2014

    It's the first day of NAB 2014 and the news and rumours about new products has started already. They are mainly about cameras, a New Sony 4K DSLR, a possible new Blackmagic camera and the big news of the new $9,000 AJA Cion 4K camera.

  • Replacements for the DSLR's are a bit like London buses, you wait ages and ages and then loads come at once.

  • XAVC Import intoFCPX

    ***Updated with new information from Sony***

    We love finding new things at tradeshows and that's exactly what we did when we broke the news from NAB last year about the Sony XDCAM import plugin for FCPX. We couldn't get to Japan to discover the new FCPX XAVC import plugin that is on show at InterBEE 2012, but we know somebody who did.

  • Dvuser_sony_NEX-FS100E

    Nigel Cooper at DVuser was a lucky man, he managed to get his hands on the new Sony NEX-FS100E before its grand announcement yesterday. Another post DSLR large sensor 5D killer? Links and a Sony demo video after the break.

  • Sony XDS-PD2000

    The new Sony cameras put some of the other cool products on the booth into the shade. Yes, Sony had some new toys for us editors too. Video and info after the break.

  • NY based fashion photographer Mike Kobal takes a look at the differences and similarities between these three great cameras. In the end he rates the GH2 the best all round camera. There's a video comparison at the end. Visit Mike's blog here

  • HDWarrior_ibc2011_part2

    Philip Johnston presents part two of his review of IBC 2011. What was his highlight of the show, the JVC 4K camera or the 8K Super High Vision demo?

  • Philip from HDWarrior is pretty amazed by this new Sony camera, the PMWF3, especially for its low light capabilities. Last time we were on the phone to Philip, we asked him to hurry up and post this review as we've been very keen to hear his findings!

  • Red giant universe 1 3

    We were slightly sceptical when Red Giant announced their ever growing pack of plugins called Universe. Well, it's just had a thumping update with a lot of new effects and is beginning to look like a good cross-platform plugin collection.

  • sony_PMW-F3_small

    The internet glowed red hot on tuesday when Sony announced their new camera to rival the Panasonic, RED and the good old 5D. Much more info after the break including links to official web chats & bloggers comments.

  • sony hard disk banner IBC

    Initially we were not impressed by the new range of solid state and spinning platter hard disks from Sony. Once we got to talking to the Sony demo guy at IBC, we found out one great feature about these new disks.

  • 5d_vs_f3_v2

    Now for all of those 5D enthusiasts out there this is of special interest. How does the Canon 5D Mk II measure up against the new Sony F3? Thanks to fxguide.com for providing the link. Find out more after the break.

  • sonyf65_fcp_avid_workflow

    If you are one of the lucky editors who will work with 4K RAW or SR codec footage from the Sony F65 camera, then you'll need to know how to get the footage off the cards and into your NLE.

  • sony ibc 2014 01

    Two new pieces of software, a new Thunderbolt2 SxS card reader and a 12k screen. Just some of the things you can find on the Sony stand at IBC 2014. We haven't even mentioned any cameras or the fact that the cloud demo films were edited on FCPX!

  • hxr-nx3d1e

    Sony are going full tilt into 3D, with the HXR-NX3D1. All the tech stuff after the break but what's of particular interest to us is that support is scheduled to enable conversion of MVC footage recorded with the HXR-NX3D1 to CineForm codec using the popular CineForm Neo3D/NeoHD as a Codec Plug-In for 3D editing. Looks like GoPro made a good decision in buying CineForm.

  • sony_hdr-td10_3d

    Sony have just announced the HDR-TD10·Handycam® camcorder which utilizes two Full HD sensors to capture true 1920x1080 3D video. Now time to read up because it won't be long before a client turns up in wanting to edit this 3D format in FCP.  All the editing is done in camera at the moment because there's NO, and we think its worth shouting, NO EDITING SOFTWARE AVAILABLE at the present time.

    Looking at those two 3D lenses staring at you sure makes us think of the interplanetary eco-warrior Wall-E. All the spec and more after the break.

  • sony_f65

    Sony are outdoing themselves at NAB with new cameras at the moment, and at fcp.co towers we definitely want one of these beauties. The F65, even the name sounds like a combat jet, looks so cool, take a peak at some of those specs - 120fps, 4K resolution and a rotary shutter to prevent that rolling shutter problem, this is one very nice piece of kit. No retail price available as of yet, but our guess is you'd probably have to re-mortgage to be able to buy one and all the lenses that go along with it. Still we can dream.

  • sony_fcpx_plugin

    Sony have two new pieces of software running with FCPX on their stand here at NAB 2012. An import plugin for XDCAM into Final Cut Pro X and an FCPX friendly update to XDCAM Browser. The plugin is available for download now, sort of.

  • xmpilot_xdcam_sony

    So how can you ingest 40 hours of XDCAM material and have it all logged into FCP bins in 2 hours? With Sony's new XMPilot app for iOS or Android, you do the hard work on the shoot.

  • sony_bvm-e_series

    Sony have announced today their new reference-grade BVM-E Series – in 25- and 17-inch sizes – incorporate groundbreaking processing and imaging capabilities designed to give a true replacement for CRT in critical evaluation applications. However there is a drawback, although there's no price so far, they surely won't be for the budget conscious! After all the L231 retails at $21,500. Only expect these displays in high-end grading suites. More details after the break.

  • Sony SR FCPX plugin


    If you are one of the lucky people to be working with 4K Sony SR footage, then you will like the news that they have just released an import plugin for FCPX and Final Cut Pro 7.

  • Sony_SR_FCPX

    We were pleased to be invited to the Sony Press Conference at IBC a few weeks ago. In the presentation the Final Cut Pro X icon was used, so afterwards we asked some questions and got a few surprising answers.

  • Never been sure which lens to buy next for your 5D? Thanks to Gebbs for this very instructive guide. More after the break when there's also a low light comparison test between the 5D and the Sony F3.

  • A demo video that has everything, Vegas, women and Vincent Laforet shooting in a helicopter. Does the $3,000+ Sony F3 S-Log upgrade really make a difference? BTS video in the read more.

  • Zacuto bring their viewfinder and baseplate to the Sony PMW-F3.