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  • Apple Release Final Cut Pro 10.4.9

    Today Apple has released an update to Final Cut Pro X to 10.4.9. It brings new proxies, proxy relinking, media management and more. Also an update to Motion gives the ability to import 3D models- Wow!

  • FCP.co Live Show 10 - Free Passes for PPWO & The Orphaned Starfish Foundation

     show10 poster

    Show 10 is upon us and we have a great lineup. We will be talking about  Post Production World Online - including how to enter the sweepstake to win a ticket. We also find out how quickly kids adapt to filmmaking using iOS devices and FCPX through The Orphaned Starfish Foundation.

  • FCP.co Live Show 11 - COVID19: Post Production Now and After the Pandemic

    show11 poster2

    Show 11 on Tuesday 26th of May brings us a team of editors, each have their own story on dealing with COVID19. How has the pandemic affected post production and will anything change after the restrictions are lifted?

  • FCP.co Live Show 12 'UNFCPX' and 3D 180 Editing The Slow Mo Guys

    Show 12 on Tuesday June the 9th brings us some 'unexpected' Final Cut Pro X tutorials from Mike Matzdorff and Michael Yanovich. Both (hopefully) will be with us. We also talk about producing 3D 180 content with FCPX for The Slow Mo Guys with Daniel Fabelo.

  • FCP.co Live Show 13 - WWDC & Final Cut Pro X on Arm-based Processors

    In Live Show 13 we talked  about WWDC and what that means for the Pro Apps (including Final Cut Pro X) running on the new Arm-based processors. We have seen there's a new FCPX, Motion and Compressor coming - what else do we know? Don't miss Jace Sparks talk about future API's for FCPX!

  • FCP.co Live Show 14 - Home Movie :The Princess Bride

    We welcome Nathan Orloff to FCP.co Live. When the lockdown stopped him editing the new Ghostbusters film on Avid, he edited the celebrity-filled Home Movie :The Princess Bride from home on Final Cut Pro X! Join us, it should be fun!

  • FCP.co Live Show 15 - YouTube and Final Cut Pro X

    We will be talking about how to use Final Cut Pro X with YouTube - or better still, how to maximise the discoverability of your YouTube videos and channel. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, so why not use all the features?

  • FCP.co Live Show 17 - Thunderbolt 4 Special with Larry O'Connor

    On Tuesday the 6th of October, we welcomed Larry O’Connor, CEO and Founder of OWC for our FCP.co Live Thunderbolt 4 special. What is it? What does it do and why is it better than Thunderbolt 3?

  • FCP.co Live Show 3 We Welcome Steve Bayes and Preview IBC 2019

    Join ex FCPX product manger Steve Bayes, Sam Mestman, Ronny Courtens with host Felipe Baez on our live chat on YouTube. We welcome Steve and Ronny to FCP.co and talk about what we expect from IBC 2019.

  • FCP.co Live Show 5 - Extreme Mobile Filmmaking - Making Documentaries on the Road

    "When I would tell you have to pack everything you need for a year to live, produce and deliver a documentary series from the road into a 4WD and a camper trailer, would you call me crazy or jump at the opportunity?" In this show, we will be speaking to Carsten Orlt who we recently featured on FCP.co, he jumped!

  • FCP.co Live Show 6 - Win a Ticket to the 2019 FCPX Creative Summit

    We have a great show this week, not only do we have Steve Martin, Jeff Greenberg and Chris Fenwick on the show to talk about the 2019 Creative Summit, we also have a ticket to give away as well. You must tune in!

  • Join Us for FCP.co Live Show 9

    Today May 5th, we will be on air with show 9 of FCP.co Live! We have Frame.io CEO Emery Wells who will talk about the updated the new Transfer app. We will also giveaway a ticket to the 2020 Post Production World Online event - Worth $299!


    There are two ways that you can join in with the show that starts at 1000 in Los Angeles, 1300 New York, 1800 London, 1900 Paris and (Sorry Australia) 0300 Sydney.

    There are also two ways that you view;-

    1) Join us here on Zoom. this is limited to 100 places, first come first served!

    2) Watch above live on YouTube or click the link here.

    On today's show we are very pleased to welcome the CEO of a company that is announcing a new product today. More information on this when we can!

    We will also be giving away a pass to 2020 Post Production World Online event. This pass to the online conference organised by FMC is worth $299.


  • NVIDIA Future GPU Technology Presentation

    Another cool technology 'tip off' from a reader. This video from NVIDIA is worth a watch from about 17:28 onwards to see their GPUs in action. 

  • Ripple Live Episode 26 - The Final Cut Pro Tip Show

    In this new live episode, we try to answer as many questions about Final Cut Pro and Apple's video apps as we can. Mark is live from Belieze!

  • We Are Back on Air with FCP.Co Live!

    show8 final poster

    The live show is back... Almost! Our rehearsal that wasn't meant to be a rehearsal went live and it was a lot of fun. Above is the cutdown version, the whole show (swear words and all) is in the article below. Enjoy!.