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  • $100 3D beamsplitter rig

    We have posted the Lego follow focus, the $7 Ikea shoulder mount and other homemade Canon DSLR accessories on here. This is a first though, a wooden DIY 3D beamsplitter rig. 

  • 3D without the glasses

    Thanks to this Jonathan Post Experiment presented by the quite disturbing Francois. Apparently a new technology for 3D screens without glasses!

  • Building 3D robots with Motion plugins for Final Cut Pro X

    3ed robots motion fcpx

    If you don't visit our busy and friendly Forum, you should do, there are some very clever people pushing the software to its limits. One of them is Norb and his 3D robots.

  • Editing 3D in Final Cut Pro and After Effects without plugins

    There are plugins out there for 3D editing, but they are expensive even with the latest price cuts by GoPro. If you have FCP and After Effects and you're on a budget then this workflow is for you. Part two of the video and the finshed result after the break.

  • Editing 3D RED 4K RAW for the Forever Project in Final Cut Pro X

    FCPX shines in handling 62TB of RED Epic Dragon 4K RAW footage, 10TB of BMCC ProRes footage, 1,2TB of external audio clips and over 34.000 exported files for a groundbreaking 3D augmented reality project. Ronny Courtens looks at The Forever Project, which ended up being post produced on Final Cut Pro X.

  • Editing in the Third Dimension, FCP or Avid?

    3D is the big growth area in the post-production world, and Senior Applications Editor at Key Code Media, Michael Kammes has done an excellent job of giving us the pros and cons of the top two editing platforms in the pro market.

    After comparing and contrasting across six different criteria: cost, quality, workflow, speed, flexibility and location it seems that Final Cut Pro is tipping the scales as weapon of choice for the 3D world.

    Discussing the points in Michael's article: Presenting 3D in Avid & FCP Workflows at the Createasphere 3D Workshop: Burbank, Ca. November 2010

  • EVS launch a live non render 3D edit system


    EVS has had a bit of a love hate relationship with FCP. Why would you want to edit on Final Cut Pro when you could use IPEdit? Well here is one reason, the launch of IPEdit.3D at NAB 2011.

  • FCP to DCP at Cannes Film Festival via QubeMaster


    So you're an independent filmmaker and you're looking to produce your DCP (Digital Cinema Package) so you can exhibit at Cannes or Venice. Previously you'd have had to cope with the expense and complication of going to a major facility. No longer. As more and more major film festivals endorse DCPS as their preferred delivery format,  QubeMaster Xport provides all the tools needed for generating DCP masters.

  • Free 3D media to edit in FCP? Download it now...

    Boston based camera man Tom Guilmette shares his experience of shooting 3D, and the positives and negatives of the Panasonic AG 3DA1 3D Video Camera. This is an informed perspective so well worth a listen. Find out more about editing 3D footage after the break.

    UPDATE: Walter Murch's 3D verdict in (also after the break)

  • Free Tutorial: The third dimension in Apple's Motion -and beyond

    FoxM 3D beyond banner

    In this latest tutorial from Motion guru Fox Mahoney, he takes a deep look into the advanced 3D features using fonts in the application. This is pushing Motion's 3D capabilities to the limit.

  • Gemini 4:4:4 - A five inch touchscreen recorder player

    So we are going to leave the credit cards at home this NAB otherwise we might find ourselves with one of these on the plane back. There are other LCD recorders arriving everyday, but this one can record two streams for 3D work. It's missing one thing though...

  • GoPro reprice Neo packages, $299 for CineForm Studio Premium, $999 for CineForm Studio Professional


    Wow, some big price cuts on the Neo workflow packages, the big 3D pack looks like it is now nearly a third of the original price. GoPro are definitely trying to make their mark in the world of 3D editing.

  • How the Hollywood studio & VFX house New Deal edits 3D 360 virtual reality on Final Cut Pro X

    New Deal FCPdotco FCPX Banner

    VR or virtual reality was the hot topic on the show floor at this year's NAB. But who is making content and how is it made you may ask? We spoke to New Deal Studios about their recent work shooting & editing 3D 360 virtual reality on features, commercial projects and music videos.

    A company with an impressive list of VFX movie credits such as The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and Hugo is now pushing the boundaries in the editing, VFX and colour correction of VR. Unlike many production companies, New Deal Studios has gained early expertise in 3D 360 video productions - where different images are sent to each eye to create 3D depth in all directions, which is known as ‘stereoscopic 360 video’.

  • How to edit 3D in FCPX using Stereo 3D Toolbox Lite


    The ability to edit 3D material wasn't included in the list of features of Final Cut Pro X when it was launched in June. Dashwood Cinema Solutions have plugged that gap by updating their 3D editing tools for FCPX.

  • How to produce a 3D menu for inclusion on a 3D Blu-ray disc


    Making 3D material is still not easy, so how difficult is it to make a 3D menu to start off your 3D Blu-ray disk? To be honest we wouldn't have a Scooby where to start, luckily we know a man who has produced an excellent half hour tutorial to show us how.

  • If the GoPro cameras weren't cool enough, now you can film yourself doing dangerous things in 3D


    So the big news over the last week was that GoPro had bought CineForm and now we know why, the 3D combining & editing of two GoPro camera movies. The software is a free download too - what will that mean for Neo?

    ++ We urge you to watch the GoPro 3D Hero highlight reel on Youtube as we cannot embed. It is pretty amazing ++

  • If you really want to talk about radical FCP GUI design, then how about using this method to display 3D?

    Well the puck could certainly have travelled to here by the time the new FCP gets released. Amazing video of what you can do with the iPad2, wearing no silly glasses either! A bit of a tenuous link, granted but at least it breaks up the NAB stories.

  • Industry guru Michael Kammes proposes to his girlfriend in 3D. Or should that be 4D?

    kammes wedding 3d

    We don't think we've covered a marriage proposal here before on FCP.co and it makes a happy change from the rather depressing news from yesterday. When industry guru Michael Kammes proposed, he did it with style and in three dimensions...

  • Is Canon the first camera company to announce support for Thunderbolt? This is huge news


    How huge? When Thunderbolt was released we had a chat with HD Warrior, the website that we read for breaking news on cameras. We said it was only a matter of time before camera companies jumped on this new technology. Find out what our chat predicted after the break as this little connector will change the industry again.

  • Larry Jordan talks FCPX and other speakers present from the BVE Expo


    Larry Jordan gave a couple of talks at the recent BVE Expo in London. In one, he summed up the not too successful Final Cut Pro X launch quite well. We've also included some other great speakers from the show too who talk about tapeless production, 3D, SANs, media in the cloud and much much more...

  • Making 3D scenes in Motion with mObject

    mbs mobject

    In this week's new episode of MacBreak Studio, the guys take a look at building 3D objects in Motion using mObject. They have also announced a live round table chat this Thursday featuring some well known FCPX experts.

  • New Kona 3G card from AJA offers new stereographic workflow


    AJA have released updated version 8.1 KONA software which has added 3D video controls to the KONA 3G’s Control Panel software interface. 

  • Onsight publish OS3D, a free 3D plugin for Final Cut Pro 7


    UK camera and equipment rental house Onsight have published a 3D plugin for FCP 7. Now you can correct the left and right eye files with OS3D, a free non-watermarked plugin that they developed in-house for their own use.

  • Practise your keying and roto with this amazing Hollywood style green screen resource. It's free too!


    So you've dabbled a bit with match moving in Motion and fancy yourself as a VFX artist, but where do you get the green screen originals to practise on? Checkout this amazing free resource.

  • Recreating the Rio Olympic Kinetic Sculpture in 3D with Apple's Motion

    rio flare apple motion

    When Anders Utterstrom watched the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics from Rio, he had an idea. Could he recreate the Anthony Howe kinetic sculpture that accompanied the flame? Time to start experimenting with Apple's Morion and 3D objects!

  • Shooting at either end of the 5D spectrum. From pin sharp 3D to a lo-fi $25 Holga Lens

    Shooting 3D with two Canon 5D MkIIs? Apparently it was difficult to achieve because of the GenLock problem, but not for Damian Steck when he produced his Eyes Wide Open film in pin sharp stereoscopic 3D. Pin sharp that is if you're wearing your 3D specs for this anaglyph version. More after the break including news about the Holga.

  • Sony launch a compact all-in-one 3D camcorder at NAB, the HXR-NX3D1


    Sony are going full tilt into 3D, with the HXR-NX3D1. All the tech stuff after the break but what's of particular interest to us is that support is scheduled to enable conversion of MVC footage recorded with the HXR-NX3D1 to CineForm codec using the popular CineForm Neo3D/NeoHD as a Codec Plug-In for 3D editing. Looks like GoPro made a good decision in buying CineForm.

  • Sony launch a full 3D handycam, or is it Wall-E?


    Sony have just announced the HDR-TD10·Handycam® camcorder which utilizes two Full HD sensors to capture true 1920x1080 3D video. Now time to read up because it won't be long before a client turns up in wanting to edit this 3D format in FCP.  All the editing is done in camera at the moment because there's NO, and we think its worth shouting, NO EDITING SOFTWARE AVAILABLE at the present time.

    Looking at those two 3D lenses staring at you sure makes us think of the interplanetary eco-warrior Wall-E. All the spec and more after the break.

  • Stereo3D Toolbox for FCP gets an upgrade and Stereo3D Cat is out of the bag


    We feel pretty bad about this one as we missed it in the crazy build up to our website's launch. Tim Dashwood of Dashwood Cinema Solutions is not only announcing an upgrade to Stereo3D Toolbox, but he is also unveiling brand new products at NAB 2011 - One of them being Stereo3D Cat.

  • The Meduza MK1 3D camera available for order at IBC


    This landed in our in box this morning. Although nothing to do with FCP, it looked so awesome we thought we would post this beast of a 3D camera as news.

  • The Hobbit to be filmed on RED's new EPIC camera


    Peter Jackson enjoying his new ''Hobbit''. The man behind the Lord Of The Rings trilogy announces he will use RED EPIC for his two-part 3D adaptation of The Hobbit. 

  • The workflow of editing a short 3D film in Final Cut Pro X and DaVinci Resolve

    The hub 3d fcpx workflow

    On its own, FCPX cannot edit and output a 3D master. However, coupled with Resolve in the middle to do the 3D heavy lifting, it performs rather well. Here's how Matt Brading did exactly that on his latest short film.

  • Tim Dashwood Joins Apple - All of His Plugin Products Are Now Free

    Two bits of good news. 3D and VR plugin developer Tim Dashwood has joined Apple. Not only is that good news for FCPX users, he has also made his existing plugin products free.

  • Using the Sony PMW-F3 in Stereoscopic 3D


    So most of us want to get our hands on a Sony PMW-F3 and test its capabilities, and as more and more units get out there, there should be more and more edit throughput. But while delivery is still eagerly expected by some, the guys at RealVision recently got invited to use two F3s by Sony! And the reason? To test out the camera's stereoscopic 3D possibilities. More after the break.

  • Visualising 3D Convergence in GoPro Cineform Studio Tutorial

    GoPro are used to riding waves, well they made them by purchasing CineForm, and here's a great tutorial of their new software bundle at work, providing a superb visualisation of how to fix convergence. Will we see this 'more iMovie' than Firstlight GUI/engine power Neo3D for FCP?

  • Will FCP & other NLEs be killed off by Open Source Lightworks?


    Well it is not a completely idiotic thought. If you can remember back to editing in the early nineties, there were only two NLEs on the block, Lightworks and Avid. Everybody knows the Avid story, but could Lightworks be coming back to change the market again? Links, opinion and a video tour of the GUI after the break.