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  • Final Cut Pro X and Pure McCartney VR: Filling out the ‘viewscape’

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    Every month new VR videos appear that push the boundaries of what this medium can do. This is the story of how editor Duncan Shepherd put Final Cut Pro X at the heart of ‘Pure McCartney VR,’ a series of five innovative Paul McCartney VR video films made by Jaunt.

  • How the Hollywood studio & VFX house New Deal edits 3D 360 virtual reality on Final Cut Pro X

    New Deal FCPdotco FCPX Banner

    VR or virtual reality was the hot topic on the show floor at this year's NAB. But who is making content and how is it made you may ask? We spoke to New Deal Studios about their recent work shooting & editing 3D 360 virtual reality on features, commercial projects and music videos.

    A company with an impressive list of VFX movie credits such as The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and Hugo is now pushing the boundaries in the editing, VFX and colour correction of VR. Unlike many production companies, New Deal Studios has gained early expertise in 3D 360 video productions - where different images are sent to each eye to create 3D depth in all directions, which is known as ‘stereoscopic 360 video’.

  • The FCPX TOUR@IBC videos part 3: Duncan Shepherd (USA) and Alex Gollner (UK) - 360 VR

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    Time for the third set of videos we are publishing from the FCPX Tour@IBC 2016. Supermeet keynote speaker Duncan Shepherd talks 360 & Paul McCartney and Alex Gollner takes 360 video underwater!