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What You Need to Do to Make Your Sound Editor Love You

LAFCPUG Vickie Sampson

A fantastic presentation from sound editor Vickie Sampson at the recent Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group Meeting. Grab yourself a cup of coffee and learn from the lady who post dubbed all of the bus scenes in Speed

There are so many pieces of advice in this half an hour it is hard to single out one as an example. We are working editors here at FCP.co and we share Vickie's pain when she recounts having to go through different takes to find words without clunks behind them or scrabbling around trying to find a second of room tone. We've all been there!

She is quite right in saying that sound quality is often overlooked when shooting films. A lot of the problems we wrestle with in post could have been fixed with a bit of thought on the shoot day. Vickie should know what she is talking about as she has a impressive long list of credits on IMDB including Speed, Donnie Darko & Pirates of the Caribbean.

Great stuff from Vickie which we again have to thank Michael Horton of the LAFCPUG for publishing.


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