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Timelapse Fest, A GoPro crash off a mountain and a Philip Bloom 4 camera epic

We felt a bit guilty posting a timelapse of an Avid editor the other day so to readdress the balance, here's a timelapse of an FCP editor at work on a GoPro project, he's on day 85 of 365. Loads more videos after the break including an amazing fall off a mountain.

The GoPro has a timelapse function for shooting stills. You can shoot a photo every 2, 5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds, ongoing. Apparently it only shot for a few hours, until the battery died. While poor old Trevor Arwood edited for almost a solid 6 hours. If you want to find out more about his project go here.

Now filming, editing and posting for 365 days in a row sounds like a bit of an extreme detail, but when it comes to extreme that's what GoPro is perfect for. You've probably seen the Surf, Snowboard, MotoCross Pov material that it regularly produces in beautiful Californian conditions.

But when it comes to filming GoPro, DonnellyAF takes the prize for his POV of falling off a cliff!

Thankfully there were no major injuries. About the only thing missing would have been more camera angles to see the fall... Come on I'm only kidding! 

Now the man who seems to have more cameras than you can shake a stick at is Philip Bloom. Mr.DSLR has been producing timelapse porn again in Sydney, where he used 4 cameras (including a Canon 5D mkII, a GH2 and a Panasonic Af101) and an iPhone4 to record the spectacular view of the Opera House. Here's the blog breaking down exactly how he did it. Love the toy ship shots!

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