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"Why go to sleep" says Tom Guilmette.  He's got his hands on a RED Epic for 48 hours so why not make the most out of it!

We've featured Tom's videos on here before and they are always worth watching. in this 15 minute introduction, Tom gives us a tour of the borrowed Epic and also touches on the latitude available when grading. No doubt he slept for 48 hours afterwards too!


There is much more detail and pictures over on Toms' blog, but I'm sure he won't mind us reprinting one piece of advice from it:

My biggest bit of advice when shooting Red:
Do not clip the whites, clip color channels or have too many pixels in noise.
Once detail is gone or noise is present in raw r3d files, you can’t fix it in post.

He's also posted a downloadable sample .R3D file of the smokey forest shot so you can experiment grading with the 5K footage.

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