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This made our day, it's a few month old, but this rather excellent and poignant video has resurfaced. Enjoy the film, a few NSFW moments in there and the reason why it's doing the rounds again posted after the break.

A very funny and well observed DSLR comment video from Doug Bayne, we won't ruin it by rattling out a description.


The reason why this video has resurfaced is the fact that Vincent Lafore has just seen it, luckily he likes it too.

"Can't believe it took me this long to hear about this... I'm still in pain from laughing.."
You can check out the rest of the comments on the Vimeo page.

We like the subtle touches in the film such as the award on the Vimeo page and the tags on the left hand side. Very clever, but it is also very true.

Thank you to MP & JS for the tip.