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A fabulous video for a friday.

We loved this video for a number of reasons, First off, it's well constructed from some very odd pieces you wouldn't expect to mashup so well. Secondly we've been meaning to learn Ableton since we bought it last year. We purchased Ableton to process a voice to sound like a computer and we've never really got round to exploring its vast music & remixing capabilities. The control panel you see is an Akai APC40 that drives Ableton. There is a months free trial, so well worth spending a day automatically beat matching tracks together or using the built in instruments to make something new. 

Lastly the remix features a theme tune which will be instantly recognisable to anybody who has lived in the UK, it's rather close to our hearts too.

We contacted the author who told us the video was edited to match the track with Adobe Premiere Elements9. We know this is a Final Cut Pro led site, but this video is too good not to post!