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***Updated with how it was made - you wont believe it!***

Prepare to be amazed this Friday morning. It took André Chocron three months to produce this stunning piece of work. How he did the animation we don't know, but it looks like it was finished in Final Cut Pro.



It was a bit hard to find out any more information as there is nobody on the FCP.co team that speaks Norwegian! There is an article with a video interview of André but alas that is in Norwegian too and Google Translate isn't really up to the text job.

We can tell you that it took 2 weeks to shoot and 3 months to edit which are impressive stats for a four minute video.

We will try and send a message to André to ask how he produced it, in the meantime if anybody can translate we would love to know what he says on the interview.

André got right back to us with this information:

"The process was pretty much this: We shot timelapse from early evening to the middle of the night, with most of the apartments illuminated for the first couple of hours and most of the apartments dark for the last couple of hours. I used the darkest part as the foundation for the individual sequences, and masked out all windows that were still lit, so that all windows were dark.
Next I made an individual layer for each window with lights on, by using the footage from the early evening. I organized them by creating a masterclip for each window, giving them sequential names and putting them in a grid.
I then put these individual clips on top of the sequence with dark windows to animate the lights going on and off.

PS I used the 4-point-mask, that took some patience...."

Wow, he's not kidding, anybody who has used an internal mask within FCP will know how long things take! Many thanks for getting in touch André.

"Official music video for Cold Mailman - "Time is of the essence". This is a shortened version of the song. The original song is available on their critically acclaimed second album "Relax; the mountain will come to you" . For more info about Cold Mailman, visit coldmailman.com/​"

Director and animator: André Chocron
Director of photography: Audun Magnæs
Colorist: Camilla Holst Vea at Storyline Studios
Conform: Raymond Gangstad

Haugenstua brl
Vestlitoppen brl
Tveita brl
Solfjellet brl
Ammerudlia brl

Supported by Groruddalssatsningen: prosjekt-groruddalen.oslo.kommune.no/​

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