✎ Latest Free FCPX Effects

FCP news is a bit thin in this FCP7 to FCPX watershed time. We could repost one of the cloned blogs about FCPX from any of the 1700 editors that attended the SuperMeet. We could post one of the many CineStyle Canon 5D Vimeo tryout reels. Nope, we have decided to go for originality with a rap about FCP. Just remember where you saw it first :)

It all started with the ProRes Maker rap video, that went on to have huge coverage amongst FCP blogs and still appears in Twitter streams. Our favourite tongue-in cheek video though has been the short but funny Avid v FCP commercial.

We have a new challenger to the crown of humorous editing video on FCP.co  Step up Wedontgiveafrak with Final Cut Pro: A Day in the Life.

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