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edit button 2 upgrade

Two years on from its initial release, Edit Button, the innovative edit application with the very, very simple GUI has been updated to version 2. New audio features, continuity fixers and err, a render block option.

It's been two years since we featured Edit Button version 1.0 right here on FCP.co. We always like to give other NLEs a fair crack of the whip and many readers liked the novel and vastly simplified GUI of the original version. Although operation of Edit Button should be easy for even a novice, we recommend the viewing of the 1.0 video first.

Cooper Kingston who demonstrates the features in the 2.0 video got in touch to tell us about the new version. We particularly like the 'add tripod' feature and the ability to easily change the time of day a scene was shot.

Of course, there will always be people who say that this is all nothing new and they have been doing it in their shop for years.

We pressed Cooper on price and availability, but rather surprisingly he has failed to get back to us with the details. Searches on the App Store show nothing.