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This video shows DSLRBOT taking stills and bracketing, but it can be used to trigger movie recording too. More info after the break.

A quick look at the features of DSLRBOT when filming-

Control the Start and Stop recording in·Live View·mode. A Shot list is generated when the recording is triggered. The shoot title can be edited for specific shots. If recorded videos are deleted on the camera the listed shot can also be deleted with a swipe. With once press over a shot list item you can mark the shot with a tick. The shot list can be export via email. A total shot time is also provided to alow you to monitor how much footage you have taken.

  • Set the camera to “Live View” mode to control the start and stop of video recording.
  • Press “Record” to start recording with the camera.
  • Press”Stop” to stop recording.
  • Movie Mode creates a shot list for each of the recording sessions
  • The shot title can be ·customized via the text input box.
  • Shots in the list can be marked with a tick by pressing the listed item.
  • The shots can also be deleted with a swipe gesture over the unwanted listed item.
  • The list can be exported as an email via the “Export List” button.
  • The list can also be cleared with the “Reset List” button.
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