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***Updated with embedded video***

Not only did he manage some hands on time, Dan Chung also quizzed Canon's Mike Burnhill for detailed information on codecs, moiré, rolling shutter, accessory compatibility and more.

Ever since the Canon EOS-1D X was announced last week, people have been wondering will it really have a lot less moiré and less rolling shutter artifacts with video? Dan Chung from DSLRNewsShooter got to shoot with the new camera, although he couldn't take the footage away.

He also got to ask Mike about the new codecs and he came out with some interesting stats:

All-I codec increases file size by three times
Updated IPB codec slightly smaller file size but better quality than 5D
Rolling shutter artifacts reduced as a result of 12fps still shooting capabilities
Moiré Demo video clean, 'Rainbow like on a 5D'·
HDMI output stays full resolution but you cannot lose onscreen graphics
Can timecode lock 10 cameras together via ethernet port but not with other 'traditional' cameras

Many thanks to Dan for letting us embed the video.