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Lens flares and light leaks seem to be the flavour of the month, well at least they are better than gratuitous speedramps. Matt Coleman decided to make his own using a DSLR, iPhone and clear tape.

There are plugins out there that will give you fabulous lens flares, we have even listed companies that supply light leaks & flares ranging from 4K Hollywood quality to budget versions. What if don't like the free flares, you have zero budget and want to make your own?

We have to admire Matt's Blue Peter ingenuity here in devising a lo-fi method of shooting his own lens flares. More detail including how to use your 'tape flares' in Final Cut Pro can be found over on his blog Unblind Productions. He's also blogged some other resourceful posts for filmakers.

Although his results aren't that spectacular (groan) and look slightly contrived, with a bit of patience we are sure you could produce your own convincing flares and light leaks to incorporate into your productions.