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This 17 minute chat from MacVideo with Rodney Charters proved to be some thoughtful viewing over our morning tea. Lessons to be learnt for shooters and editors.

The video filmed back in April of this year has only aged slightly with a few references to upcoming broadcasts or releases. What struck us was the fact that here is a very well respected cinematographer who has completely adapted to new technology. 

A couple of lines from the interview:

"A guy was undercut on a $45,000 job by a kid with $3,500 worth of Canon 5D because the client wanted that"

"I don't trust Sony to make a camera that looks like film"

The interview did get us thinking about Rodney's answer to what differentiates an amateur from a professional. If you are a cameraman then Rodney says it's the lighting. We think you can extrapolate that into the world of editing:

Differences between a professional & amateur edit:

1) Poor audio

2) Poor graphics

3) Poor pacing

4) Overlong or 'non of the fat cut out'

5) Use of tired visual clichés (Don't start us off about speedramping)

After about half an hour of cutting and pasting HTML, we think that MacVideo might have disabled other sites from embedding the video. We've put an email out to them enquiring about the embedding and we'll post the video later if we can.

In the meantime you will have to watch it on MacVideo Rodney Charters Cinematographer.

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