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Just as we were turning off our machines for the night, we spotted this. Has Canon let slip the new codec for the 5DmkIII? If so does that mean the end of transcoding clips for FCP?

So let's start with a bit of a disclaimer, this has been put together from a few rumours and posts. If it is true though it will have huge benefits for us FCP folk who have to transcode 5D footage on a regular basis.

EOSHD has pegged the story saying the new codec is an MPEG2 422 colour space VBR, up to 50Mbit. It will be very similar to the codec used by the XF range of cameras which everybody knows have been approved by the BBC. (Even though they are not great in low light)

To add some further cred to the rumour, take a careful listen to what Tim Smith had to say back in 2010.


Is it true? Well we hope so as I've never been keen on the idea of mixing H264 files in my timeline. Will it mean the new 'Jaw Dropping' Final Cut Pro won't need to handle native H264? At the moment it is all a rumour, a big one mind you but still a rumour. Maybe we need a 'like it a lot' button.

Thank you to EOSHD and Cinema5D

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