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We've long believed that the 5D was a game changer, but when you find out that an organisation as big and powerful as The Associated Press not only held that same belief two years ago, but took the bold decision of embracing the DSLR revolution, then it really shows how important the 5D has been. Great work from Beet.tv for finding this story. More after the break including news about cloud editing. 

In the interview AP's Kevin Roach talks about the selection process of turning Text and Photo Journalists into Multi-Format Journalists. They've currently got a dozen or so of these guys producing first person Video Essays, with another ten due to be blooded this year. Worth a watch.

Beet.tv is a real interesting site, and well worth a visit. They also had another strand to this story. While AP are at the forefront of HD news delivery, Beet.tv's Andy Plesser has also investigated the other end of the spectrum. He tracked down the CEO of Critical Media, who have produced a cloud editing syndication system called Syndicaster.  

One of the first groups to utilise cloud editing is The Journal Register Company, a large newspaper group with 324 publications in the local markets of 10 states. They're not quite as high end as AP though, these guys are using Flip Video Cameras.

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