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It's the old problem on a 5D shoot, you're budget doesn't stretch to lighting your night time exterior to match that Hollywood blockbuster, so what do you do? Go with your underlit shot, and trust that the darkness reflects the mood you want to evoke? Well, here's the low budget answer thanks to Robino Films. More after the break.

Taking stills before rolling your DSLR can save you a lot of time during post production when working with shots plagued with aliasing, moire and other unwanted issues.

This tutorial demonstrates how to save a poorly lit night scene using a long exposure still with a Canon 5D. There are other examples of this technique at the end of the clip.

Robino has used AfterEffects to achieve his look, but Motion could be used just as easily. A great technique and very instructional, but for some reason the audio seems to be missing.