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This is a very cool new piece of kit which has been developed by Steadicam™ inventor, Garrett Brown. The key is light weight cameras, so it's clearly a boon for DSLR enthusiasts. Thanks to Digital Rebellion for bringing this one to our attention. All the spec after the break.

Garrett Brown is best known as the Oscar-winning inventor of the Steadicam™. He has shot with it on nearly 100 movies including Rocky, The Shining and Return of the Jedi. You can find more about Garrett here.

Garrett holds 50 patents worldwide for devices which include the Steadicam Merlin, a miniature version for camcorders; Skycam, the robot camera that flies on wires over sporting events; and MobycamDivecamFlycam et al that pursue athletes worldwide. His new zeroG technology "floats" tools and reduces workplace injuries.

The lightweight Steadicam® TANGO provides long-sought floor-to-ceiling boom range with lateral reach, full stability, intuitive control and simple, economical construction. TANGOis a game-changing Steadicam accessory for use with today’s miniature HD cameras. TANGO is designed to be a straightforward, bolt-on addition for future Tango-compatible Steadicam models.

  • Nine-foot continuous elevation and traverse with back-pan and back-tilt

  • 360 degree pan, ±90 , ±90 degree tilt available throughout boom range

  • Optimum pan/tilt inertia at all times

  • Camera fits into small openings with full angular control

  • 6 lb. camera payload @ 3:1 extension equals 29 lb. total

  • Rapid conversion from “Tango” mode to conventional Steadicam

  • Stable – when walking, running, climbing stairs

  • Silent – no servo motor noise

  • Fast – ultra-rapid traverse, elevation, pan/tilt


In 1973 Oscar-winning cinematographer Garrett Brown wanted the freedom to move the lens from the floor to the ceiling.   Garrett’s ultimate Steadicam® invention was an elegant and wildly successful compromise that has revolutionized the world of film and video. New generations of Steadicam camera stabilizers have unleashed endless filming possibilities, but Garrett never gave up on his original dream.

In 2009 a camera revolution was well underway – lenses and HD imaging chips were at last being separated from their heavy CCU’s. Garrett started all over again with a radical new idea: a conventional Steadicam sled at one end of an accessory spar, stabilizing a “mini- sled” at the other end to at last yield that long-sought floor-to-ceiling boom range with direct and intuitive control.

In early 2010, the simple, all-mechanical TANGO became a reality. A mechanical tour-de-force. Garrett’s revolutionary 3D connectors transmit “master” pan/tilt/roll moves to a “slave” sled at the other end of the telescoping central spar. This allows the camera payload to mimic every nuance – fast or slow – of the operator’s input.

You can find out more about this exciting new product here at Tiffen.

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